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Took a look at that other board. I think I'll stick to this one. It's so much friendlier.


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unfortunately i think they do represent a slice of society. but they are the kind of ppl that arent going to hear what we have to say anyway.

they are the kind who come in to the hospital with the "us vs them" attitude.

you know...waiting for us to make a mistake.

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Howdy yall

from deep in the heart of texas

I will stay with this board only tooo


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Encyclopedia Britanica should be afraid of BOB....he could put them out of buisness...LOL......LR

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I'm not sure that I want to expose myself to such finds me easily enough without looking for it, lol. Really, I don't think the majority of the public have negative feelings about nurses. Of course, the reality is some do. Its also a reality that some miserable people get up in the morning determined to make as many other people possible as miserable as they are. That is the kind of people that is found on that type of BB. If that thread got started by an angry miserable person, well, theres enough angry miserable people out there who will jump on it just to have something to complain and commisurate about. Mob mentality, really. Responding to them gives them a reason to live, and argue another day. I don't want to waste my energy on them. There are many people out there that can be educated and worked with, why beat a dead horse?? Forget 'em. Each and every one of us represents nursing to the public and every person that we interact with we are educating. Whether they choose to learn or not is up to them. I really would rather focus on winners than spend time trying to convince losers of anything.


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here, here, carol. ITA!

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