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bob is obviously the board

hes the funniest one over there. i hope his family takes care of him when he is sick.


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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Where did you ever find that little Tireless Rebutter thingie? That is sooooo him. Good one!!!

Seriously, though, I realize I would be further ahead to talk to a wall than him but my hope lies in convincing the others there the importance of nurses and the lack of respect directed toward them.


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If you liked that one, feel free to check out the whole index of "flame warriors" ;) Don't know who put up that site, but is it dead on!

You're right; the best you can hope for is that you are "infecting others with the truth" like in those cigarette commercials lol.

BTW, I am from northwest PA previously and spent a stint at the University of Pittsburgh - it is a nice city :).


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I didn't check out the site but maybe that bob person is that halothane jerk from What is it with people today?? I deal with a lot of visitors to my unit that sound like what you are describing. Makes life so much fun!!!!!


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Originally posted by thisnurse

i like the person over there that blames the nurses for the death of his mom.

im still trying to understand him

i wonder how long mom would have lived at home with sonny boy caring for her by himself?


Actually if you read one of his latest posts, he says he doesn't blame the nurses but the system we are forced to work in....but a lot of things he said just didn't gel.

ma kettle

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WOW, Pittsburghers. Nice to hear from yeens,?....

I believe these people vent their angers on the closest willing body. And who else is handy , the nurse.

Here's a thought, maybe he use to be or is a nurse????? na.

Time to go to Giant IIggle!! Just a little Pittsburgh humor.



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Originally posted by EricaCCRN

I found this chat forum made up of lay peope discussing the nursing shortage after they saw that joke by 60 minutes a few weeks ago. Anyway, they are butchering us over there. When I posted my opinion regarding the crap we deal with & travel nursing, etc., they called us whiners and such. One super ass hole even said all nurses are either sitting on their fat asses or gossping. He said his family will take care of him because lazy nurses won't. If you are interested in opining to educate them regarding the real problems in our profession and real responsibilites of nurses, head on over to (no www before this address). Do it for OUR POFESSION!!!!!:D:devil: :(

I just read that entire forum and WoW! Some of those people honestly don't have a clue about what we do. The problem with educating those people is that they don't want to be educated. Many of the nurses in the forum tried very hard to do it and it just wouldn't take. There will always be those clueless people out there who see us sitting down writing and think we're sitting on our ass doing nothing. Never matter the fact that we can't go home until all the writing is done. They see a few people wearing scrubs standing in the hallway talking to eachother, and asume it's a bunch of nurses standing around gossiping. How many non-nurses wear scrubs in the hospital these days? My favorite part of the forum was the whole "asshole" thing. I wonder why they feel that we shouldn't think of an asshole as an asshole. I bet they run into them in their lines of whatever work they do and think them as such, and they may even be able to tell them so. Yet we as nurses, are expected to take all kinds of abuse with a smile and then say "how else may of I be of service?" What a friggin crock.


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You are right, some don't want to be informed. Unforuntaely, these type of people are in the hospitals, too. I for one am sick of their attitudes. I agree with the ass hole thing too. Like they say if it looks like a duck, wlaks, like a duck, and quacks like a duck.....

You're right too about how many depts (housekeeping, dietary, etc) wear scrubs these days & are mistaken for RNs. I thought about pointing that out to BOB but then I realized that it probably woud make no difference because he knows it all!!!!!:(


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I really wanted to make BOB an informed person also, but he seems like the type that no matter what you say he's going to turn it around and attack you. One of those people that are just there to pick a fight. Besides, I don't have the time to join another BB forum. Allnurses takes up all my time because I enjoy it too much. :)


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I am soooo sick of the people in this forum. They have absolutely NO CLUE and I have had it. Does anyone have any ideas how we can get the word out about the importance of RNs to rally the public's support? I had no idea that we were viewed so negatively by the public.:(


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Do you honestly believe they represent the public at large in their opinion of nurses? I really don't think so. No one I have encountered acts or speaks this way. If so, you are right, we are in trouble and so are THEY! Scary, really, to contemplate.


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All I can say is that this is a forum of lay people from all different walks of likfe & different parts of the country. The negative attitudes I've seen from them regarding nurses on that BB is astounding. I hope they don't represent the general public but I think there's good reason to think they do. Besides, how much respect do you really get from people when you are at work? The public that I encounter are generally rude demanding and ungrateful & they believe I am there to be their slave as well as the DR's slave.:o

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