EC Clinicals impossible to pass?

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I am an LPN student, and I was doing clinicals the other day at the hospital. I was talking to one of the RN's and told her I was going to go to EC to get my RN. She just kind of looked at me and said that one of her friends had done the EC clinical like 7 times and failed each time:uhoh3: She also threw in there that alot of places won't hire you if you get your degree online. Thoughts?

Clinicals are tough. But if you practice and know your stuff you can do it.

I had three job offers after graduating. I had no problems finding a job as a new grad with a degree from EC.

Now, the pitfall... I wish I had more clinical time. I was an LPN for 7 years and didn't work in the hospital, instead working in a doctors office. My advice, during your clinicals as an LPN volunteer for everything; do everything you can. When you finish your LPN program try to get a job at a hospital.

I do feel that I lack in the clinical department; but the educational book experience from EC was awesome. It made you really learn your stuff.

Good Luck!!

Oh and I passed clinicals first attemp, no repeats!!

Misinformation. Employers do not care where you got your education. They want someone with a clear nursing license. They are, however, interested in the nursing work experience that an applicant brings to the table. Seven tries at the CPNE would have had to involve two attempts at the program with a five year hiatus. Third failure results in dismissal from the program and one can not reenter for five years. Yes, there are people who are unsuccessful, but then there are people who have no alternate options available to them so it is worth the time and effort to try.

Thanks for the info's good to know that there are those who can be sucessful with this program. Online learning is something that is very appealing to me, so I'm not going to let others so called bad experiences derail me:yeah: Caliotter...I thought that 7 times was a little exaggerated, and with your explanation, I'm sure it was;)

I know a couple of people who completed this program..was was an LPN for 2yrs passed CPNE first try and second was a paramedic for over 10yrs also passed CPNE first try. They said it was stressful and nerve wracking but it can be done.

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i passed in october on my first try with no repeats. yes, it can be done.

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I passed my CPNE in June 2008 -- my first and only attempt. :) It is definitely do-able! Stressful, but it can be done.

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