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Can anyone share anything about the eastern kentucky (paintsville, ashland, and lawrence county areas)

job market?

I have posted in the kentucky region, and had not a single response.

was wondering if there is abundance of nursing jobs (LPN) there.


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RN job market in East KY is good....I do not know about LPN, though. I hope someone will answer you soon.

have you checked the local newspapers or monster.com to see? also i would check the university of ky, catholic health systems, and central baptist websites to see if they have satellite clinics/offices in those areas.

i don't think there are a ton of ky folks on here, so be patient!

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I'm not sure I'd recommend Ashland as a place to seek a position. KDMC, the largest employer in town (4000+ positions), cut ~400 jobs about a month ago, including some nurses.

I live in Paintsville...

As for LPN jobs, the main market is in doctors offices and nursing homes. I'd try Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center and Mountain Manor Nursing Home for Paintsville; for Prestonsburg, try Highlands Regional Medical Center and Riverview Nursing Home; for Lawrence County, the only one I'm aware of is Three Rivers Medical Center (they have their own home health).

Of course, LPN positions are also often advertised for in the local papers (try the Paintsville Herald and Big Sandy News).

Hope this helps! :)

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