I know it probably depends on school and hospital. But any guys here were earrings? What is your experience with them? just wondering cause i have small studs in both ears.


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Tbh I've never worn earrings to school. I'm talking bout regular community college for my prereqs. Don't plan on doing that in NS either this fall. Both my ears are pierced tho.

Don't see why they would be a problem tho. Long as they are not huge satellites on the side of ur head lol


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It's all according to your school as well as your institution you do clinicals at.


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It varies on the school. My school is strict for men with a zero earring tolerance, and for women its studs only. Funny how one student just this week got his lips pierced and was that same day dismissed from the program for noncompliance.

So I would check with the department and see.


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Always safe to check it out first, im sure it varies. My experience, had my cartilage pierced all four years getting my BSN, and Ive worked as a floor nurse on a step down unit in a major hospital for about three years now and never once have i heard one person ask me to take it out, aside from a couple of patients who so nicely ask me if I know I have a piece of metal sticking out of my ear, and offer to take it out with a pliers. I think a lot of places should be fine with it if they allow the equivalent in a female but if you find out otherwise then its up to you to decide how much of a sacrifice it is to you.


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I study in PUerto Rico and we were not allowed to wear earrings to clinicals. Only girls, and they had to be small studs. From my understanding its like that everywhere (from what I hear from schools in the states). I guess it looks more professional. For school, atleast. What you do when youre out working lies on you or what your employer allows. Good luck!

The hospital I work at allows men to wear earrings. I wore my earrings to clinical a few times and my clinical instructor gave me some dirty looks though. Check with hospital policies, but I don't see why not..


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I'm old school and think only pirates wear ear rings.

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LMAO!!! Sorry I like Pirates, they're awesome. :-P


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LMAO!!! Sorry I like Pirates, they're awesome. :-P

They're great when you need to bury a treasure chest! I must have read Treasure Islands a half dozen times growing up. A truly great, adventurous read! Master and Commander was pretty darn good too!!


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I'm old school and think only pirates wear ear rings.

Is the Blackbeard School of Nursing accredited?