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Has anybody changed their visiting policy in the NiCU because of the recent influx of Enterovirus 68? We have had several suspected cases in our area and I am concerned for our patients.


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We did change our policy to nobody under 18. Siblings 14 and up are the only exception. We have confirmed Entero Virus


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Yes, it is the same as our flu season visitation policy. No one under the age of 12, siblings included. We usually start this during flu season (Oct-Marchish) but we put it into effect in August due to the virus.


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We went to a no-kids under 14 policy some years back with H1N1. It has made a huge difference in the noise and craziness factor in our NICU - can't believe we ever did it, actually. We do have a viewing window that younger kids can look through.

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My old unit only allowed mom, dad, and grandparents. During flu season, grandparents were disallowed. No children ever.

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My unit is just parents and grandparents, with a max of 2 visitors at bedside. During flu season it's just parents. We do make exceptions for minor mothers, allowing one grandparent in with her, or if no FOB involved.


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No changes in my unit. We care more about satisfaction scores and limited visitation doesn't mesh well with that. We might not even go under flu restrictions this year. :banghead: