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15 hours ago, LokelaniRN said:

History of race riots ( dating back to the 60s) and thefts has made grocery stores leave in those areas, creating food deserts. It is happening to a city next to mine.Grocery stores closing in lower income neighborhoods due to increasing thefts was documented in my towns newspaper. Grocery stores have a very slim profit margin, thefts take that profit away.That is a fact you cannot dispute.

The 60's was 50 years ago.  Really?  If we don't make it a mission to provide healthy food to the 99 and 44/100th percent of people who aren't criminals, then we are failing millions and millions of people.  Lousy food is a part of our culture - we think of fast food as actually food when it is actually poison to the human body.  The worst food deserts are not the inner cities but in rural areas where there aren't ANY stores and lots of very poor people.

the 60's was 60 years ago:)