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Hi everyone!

I read through posts from previous DUSON ABSN cycles while completing my application and they were very helpful, but I noticed there were no new posts for the current application cycle, so I thought I'd start one.

Just submitted my application and am super nervous!

Anyone else here apply? Let's be antsy together! ?

Hi everyone- I was waitlisted for Fall 2021 and heard back about a month ago with a voicemail from admissions saying that this upcoming fall cycle was full but I was offered direct admittance to Spring 2022 cycle. I declined because I've already accepted another offer but just to update everyone else. I'm not sure if they'll be accepting any others. 

Hey! Also wanted to add my experience because I know how much I wanted data when applying. I was also waitlisted; about a month ago admissions offered me direct admittance for Spring 2022. I accepted the offer and have now matriculated. 

To future waitlisted applicants, know that there is hope beyond the first few weeks. 


Congrats to everyone who was accepted! I have applied for Spring 2022.  I am also wondering about how everyone has financed attending Duke and more about the tuition repayment program.  I was recently accepted into Emory’s DABSN program but that is expensive as well. Additionally, I am wondering what your schedule looked like.  Are 12 hour clinicals the norm or is there flexibility?

Thank you!

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Hi @Meowmeowmama, I'm a current 3rd semester Duke ABSN student.  Clinicals are not 12 hours until 4th semester.  They usually go from 6:30AM - 5:00PM at the very latest, and often/usually get out sooner.  It really depends on the course and your clinical instructor!  I'm happy to answer other questions, though your experience will likely be much different due to most of the Covid-19 restrictions being lifted starting in the fall.

Hi, @brume! Congrats on making it to third semester!  I'll be starting at Duke in the fall, and I was wondering whether you could tell me about the difficulty of the program.  I've heard horror stories about ABSN programs and how hard they are - I'm getting so nervous about the whole thing!  Is Duke insanely hard, or has it felt manageable so far? I've also heard that lots of programs seem to try to fail their students (or take a "weed out" approach) - have you found that to be the case at Duke?

Thanks so much!  

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@gnv26 Before this semester, most of our exams were open-note/open-book, which obviously made things much easier than they would have been otherwise.  This semester requires more studying, but the tests are mostly pretty straightforward.  I never read the textbooks, just study from the powerpoints.  I am a good test-taker in general though, so my answer to this question is going to be skewed by that.  I don't find the grading of assignments to be generally very harsh at all, but again, I'm a good student.  (I don't mean to brag or imply that I'm super intelligent.  Being a "good student and test-taker" is a skill-set like any other.  Some people are extremely smart but have a lot of test anxiety, which trips them up.  Luckily this is something one can work on and improve!) 

Before the program started, I was also worried that their would be a lot of hazing and mean professors in the program but honestly that has been SO far from the truth.  The clinical instructors and professors are extremely kind and understanding on the whole.  Some are more demanding than others, but mostly all very reasonable.  As long as you let them know an assignment will be late or that you're having trouble, they are usually very willing to work with you.  Duke really wants their students to succeed and for the customer (you) to be happy with you education. 

Hope that soothes some worries!

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*Your tests probably won't be open-note/open-book because you'll be in person... but that also means you'll probably have a better time learning!

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