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Duke ABSN Fall 2015


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Hi I am new here. I just submitted the application and I am living in Mebane and will take prerequisite in Alamance Community College. I got bachelor's degree of English literature. I have no clinical experience.... I am not confident about this application.........

I've heard mixed messages about Duke Days. I sat in on a webinar about 2 weeks ago run by Duke admissions office and they said there is one round of review to decide who will go to Duke Days, then a second round of review after Duke Days. Again that was the admissions office who said that on their webinar so i'm thinking there is some review that goes on.

the admission officer told me that I will be the last to be reviewed for I was the last to submit the application(just yesterday). I attended the webinar too but I forgot the duke days part...........

stategrl, I thought that only the fully accepted applicants will be invited to Duke Days? From what you mentioned it sounds as though they can invite you to Duke Days if you are not accepted to the program? Is this true?

@tinadonniedonnie I thought the deadline was 12/1. Did they say that they read the apps in the order they come In?

From the email I received from admissions: "- In late January/early February, I will send out "Save The Date" announcements for Duke Days, our on-campus event for accepted students, so everyone can circle those dates as important, but this is just a way for students to get an idea of when the events are taking place - this will not be a letter of acceptance." They may have done it differently in the past but this year, I think Duke Days is only for accepted students.

Also I think you can submit after the deadline, but I don't think you are in a good position to be accepted if you do that.

elefant 3, i think i was on that email as well and yes it said Duke Days was only for accepted students. It's weird though that letters of acceptance go out about a month after Duke Days. I think i'm confused now..

According to my understanding by what the admission office told me, they don't read apps in the order. I planned to apply for next cohort but the admissions officer told me that i can still submit so I just did.

I know my application is later. I didn't plan to do it but she encouraged me to do so. Just a try...

Admissions is going to send a courtesy email to everyone about tentative dates for Duke Days in late Jan/early Feb. I think we hear about acceptances in late February. Duke Days will probably be in late March. It wouldn't make sense for them to have Duke Days first and then send out acceptance letters.

elefant3, thanks for the reminder. I forgot that we will have the Duke Days timing email prior to the official acceptances. I hope that first round acceptances don't go past early March. Does anyone know how the admission process works with first round and second round acceptances for the Fall start date? What is the timing for second round?

Hey Everyone,

I attended the info session online earlier this month and yes, I was confused as well about the Duke Days at the time. I asked the question during the session for clarification, and a college admission staff member emailed me directly. Duke Days is now only for admitted students. It used to be that Duke Days were held before notifications of admission were sent out since they would conduct interviews during those days. Duke did away with interviews this year for the ABSN program. Duke days is in late March and notification of acceptance goes out the first week of March.

I also applied for the fall 2015 term. submitted application first week of november, can't wait to hear back from duke, so excited. yay!!

That is very good news. I hope to hear from duson soon.

[h=1]ABSN Application Process Streamlined[/h]Friday, December 12, 2014

ABSN Program Streamlines Enrollment Process for Prospective Students

Duke University's Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) Program has streamlined the application process for prospective students with GPAs above a 3.0 by eliminating the requirement of taking the Graduate Records Examination (GRE). The GRE is a standardized test of verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking skills that have been acquired over a long period of time and that are not related to any specific field of study. Many graduate schools in the United States require this examination for students applying to their programs.

We wanted to streamline the application process for prospective ABSN students at Duke,” said Valerie Sabol, PhD, associate professor and director of the ABSN Program. We believe in our students who have a history of strong academic performance. We want to remove what, for some, could be a potential barrier,” Sabol said.

The decision to remove the requirement for students with a GPA higher than 3.0 was made as a result of discussions among the ABSN faculty and School leaders. The quality of the applicants to our ABSN Program is extremely high,” said Sabol. The nation's best and brightest nursing candidates are applying to Duke. We want to ensure the application process for these students is as straightforward and as easy as possible.”

The elimination of the GRE requirement is effective with ABSN applications submitted beginning in January for the Spring 2016 Semester. This decision can save prospective Duke Nursing students nearly $200 in GRE test fees.

Visit the Apply web page for more information on how to apply for the ABSN Program.

to all: After communicating with the admissions officer, I was told that my application is complete; however, I did not receive a separate email saying that my application is complete. Am I supposed to receive one separately?

My application says that the SON financial aid application is "incomplete" and due Jan 16. On DUSON website I can't find that the application is even available. It has a link for the 14-15 school year but not 15-16 year. Am I looking in the wrong place??