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  1. homelife

    Duke ABSN Fall 2015

    I suppose the change is due to the fact that interviews are no longer a part of the admissions process. Only those accepted will be invited to Duke Days, as started with my Spring 2015 cohort. Duke Days is a get-to-know-you type event. In my opinion, if you're on the fence in your decision - DO attend. I was worried about the financial aspects of Duke but left so humbled and compelled to figure it out. You'll get to meet the faculty you'll be taking classes from, you'll get to tour the building and offered facilities, you'll go on a campus bus tour to point out Cameron Stadium, the Veterans hospital, the Duke Children's hospital, the oncology center, the Gardens, and the Cathedral. Most importantly you'll get to meet the people who may be your peers. It's an invaluable experience in getting a taste of what all Duke has to offer. It's typically what convinces someone to choose Duke or not to. Most people who choose to forego their acceptances are due to finances. Duke isn't cheap and it being our second Bachelors degree, only loans are available at our disposable (if you meet the criteria). For out of staters, I recommend scheduling a second visit to Durham/Duke after Duke Days as I did, to get a feel for the area and to find housing.
  2. homelife

    Duke ABSN Fall 2015

    Duke is not rolling. There are two deadlines a calendar year to make up a spring and a fall cohort.
  3. homelife

    Duke ABSN Spring 2015

    Maybe I'm a broken record and have asked you specifically before, but can you give us insight into what the daily schedule is like, how similar it is to your classmates, and the changes in curriculum? I was one who was bummed about Duke taking away the graduate level course credits, but I realize WHY they did so and how we can still have opportunity to take classes at graduate level if we choose! I am so pumped for January.
  4. homelife

    Duke ABSN Fall 2015

    Wow! I'm glad to hear you're doing much better. I think the info you provided, along with settling your anxiety, would be perfect in submitting to Duke. I forgot the actual email address, maybe son-documents@duke.edu?, but call up DUSON and ask how you would go about submitting further information critical for admissions officers to know in making their decision on your behalf. I submitted something similar just to cover my tail and to settle my anxiety. Nora or Tia, whoever answers the phone when you call, will point you in the right direction as far as what email you can send this info to. Just make sure this is submitted before the full application deadline. I submitted the same thing to UNC and they claimed that they can only take what's submitted at time of deadline, NOT any updates or other info afterwards. It sounds like you have a compelling background and grades already, but this will help you even further! hope this helps.
  5. homelife

    Duke ABSN Fall 2015

    Hey all! I am a Spring 2015 cohort and would like to offer some advice on the personal statements. They are what gave me the most anxiety in my application! Please note that in cohorts past Duke did interviews with candidates at Duke Days. Starting with my cohort and yours, and beyond, this is not the case. Therefore, it is imperative that you include all pertinent information concisely in your personal statements, as well as delineate other pertinent info in your resume. I highly recommend EVERYONE upload a resume attachment; this can be as many pages as you want. I included my professional and my job resumes to show to Duke what I have been doing since undergrad to fill in the holes. Some tips - Don't get ahead of yourself in your essays. Duke already knows why you're applying to Duke vs. a community college. They know you want to be a leader in the health field. There's no need to jump ahead and discuss how you want to become a NP. Talk first and foremost about your passion for NURSING. If you wish, vaguely, and I mean at most in a sentence, discuss how you are open to exploring furthering your nursing career. - DO add personality and flair. Since admissions officers don't do interviews anymore, this is important. Tap into your voice. Sound stoic and professional but also add in some solid word choices and/or narratives that illustrate who you are. Ex) "When my adorable morkie Teddy and I aren't being avid Netflix and Pinterest junkies, I concentrate my time on volunteering with the local boys & girls club." - Be concise. The character limit is very binding. I edited my essays 4-5 times, submitted them to all my friends who are pursuing Master's, and then edited them even further. In fact, upon getting friends' advice, I completely changed up two of my essays. I am so grateful for their guidance - Don't be cheesy. All admissions officers know that ABSN candidates had some kind of life changing moment where nursing was spelled out to them. Unless this story is very close to you (i.e. a family member's health has depreciated and you've been caring for them, a health issue of your own), avoid the dramatics and instead just state that you want to advance your biology degree by serving others. - Do stress patient contact. It's what nursing is all about! You may come from a research background but what about your background and personality would make you excel with patients? - GRE scores are not the end all, be all. GPA, work experience, volunteer and research experience are more credible. Having patient experience via research or CNA is invaluable in your chances of admissions!