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Duke ABSN Fall 2015


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I am a senior at NCSU and am in the process of applying to Duke. My top choices are UNC and Duke, but I can't apply to UNC until August, 2015. Has anyone been in the same boat as me? I feel like I will have to make a decision for Duke before I hear anything for UNC... If I do get into Duke, I think I would have a really hard time turning them down. I know that financially, UNC may be a better option for me, but I could definitely see myself at Duke. Is anyone else applying to other ABSN programs the same time they are applying to Duke?

I am applying to Vanderbilt, Duke, Emory, and Florida. They are listed from my first choice to last choice.

I just submitted my app. The Admissions Office has been extremely helpful and responsive to a few of my questions, so that's always great.

Hello all! I'm applying to Duke and VCU's ABSN programs. Nursing will be my second career as I already have a Master's degree in another science. I don't have a lot of nursing experience yet aside from 2 semesters in an LPN program but am hoping that my essays reflect my passion for nursing. I was very impressed with the school when I visited a few months ago. The admissions counselor was great and was able to answer all of my questions. Now the wait....

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applying for fall 2015. is duke rolling? i've been told that it's better to submit early but don't know if it'll hurt chances to submit in november. i like to take the time to edit, reedit my essays

applying for fall 2015. is duke rolling? i've been told that it's better to submit early but don't know if it'll hurt chances to submit in november. i like to take the time to edit, reedit my essays

Duke is not rolling. There are two deadlines a calendar year to make up a spring and a fall cohort.

I just got an email that my application is complete. They aren't making final decisions until March. I was hoping for Jan / Feb like last year. Oh well, will have to ride it out even longer.

Can someone tell me what the Duke Days entail?

I suppose the change is due to the fact that interviews are no longer a part of the admissions process. Only those accepted will be invited to Duke Days, as started with my Spring 2015 cohort.

Duke Days is a get-to-know-you type event. In my opinion, if you're on the fence in your decision - DO attend. I was worried about the financial aspects of Duke but left so humbled and compelled to figure it out. You'll get to meet the faculty you'll be taking classes from, you'll get to tour the building and offered facilities, you'll go on a campus bus tour to point out Cameron Stadium, the Veterans hospital, the Duke Children's hospital, the oncology center, the Gardens, and the Cathedral. Most importantly you'll get to meet the people who may be your peers. It's an invaluable experience in getting a taste of what all Duke has to offer. It's typically what convinces someone to choose Duke or not to. Most people who choose to forego their acceptances are due to finances. Duke isn't cheap and it being our second Bachelors degree, only loans are available at our disposable (if you meet the criteria). For out of staters, I recommend scheduling a second visit to Durham/Duke after Duke Days as I did, to get a feel for the area and to find housing.

Homelife - thanks for the info and congrats on your acceptance! When does the Spring cohort start? If you don't mind me asking, what was it about the Duke Days that helped you make your final decision?

Hi guys! I'm also a member of the Spring 2015 cohort. We start in January so I don't much about the program yet, but if you have questions about the admission process/Duke Days I'd be happy to answer what I can! Good luck to everyone!

So glad to find this thread! I also applied for Fall 2015. Crossing my fingers! Good luck everyone.

Thanks for the info Homelife. Assuming I get invited to Duke Days, what are the interviews like? Is it with just one faculty member? Has that person read your application/essays prior to the interview? Thanks!

I'm so excited I found this tread! I submitted my application about a month ago and received an email that it is on the way for faculty review. Don't know how i'll be able to wait for March though! So a little about myself.. I live here in Durham, about 15 minutes away from both Duke and UNC (i applied to both programs) and I graduated from NC State in 2011 with a BA in Psychology and BA in Sociology. Since then I've been a volunteer at a sexual assault center for 2 years and have been a clinical trial coordinator for the past 3 years.

Is anyone else as anxious as me waiting for the decision?!

Homelife and emmysara,

Are you two at all familiar with the Health Equity Academy and the process of becoming a scholar? thanks!

Hi all,

Does anyone know anything regarding the timeline for application for financial aid for the Fall ABSN program?

I was just reading some posts from people who had applied for Spring 15 at Duke. I guess they are not doing interviews anymore. You will be invited to Duke Days only if you are accepted. Somehow I missed that! I wondered why it was never mentioned at the info session or the webinars I've been a part of. LOL!

@elefant3....I am a HEA scholar. PM me if you want to know more about the program. It was and is an amazing program!