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So I messed up and am getting charged with a DUI I know eventually after everything PA will probably want.me to do pnap I have no other history and this was all my stupidity I self reported the day after it happened but I work in West Virginia under a WV license as well which I reported or sent them an email the day after.my question is so if pa says pnap do I have to do that program or does it fall under west Virginia since that's where I primarily practice but I live in PA? Just wasn't sure and my head hurts and reading the Internet isn't helping me feel any better about my mistake.


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Contact a lawyer.  Sometimes they know what evaluator is reasonable and won't just diagnose you with a substance use disorder for a DUI. 

Breathe. Now change your username. You should be anonymous . The BON in the state you are licensed in, now controls the shots. I would keep my head down, keep on working.. see where this goes. 


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What if if I'm licensed in two states not a multi state license though 

Maybe both states will now be involved . I am not a lawyer. But you need to consult one.


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As you are licensed in both PA and WV, and already self-reported to both, I think it possible you might have to deal with both Boards of Nursing (BON).  If you haven't already done so, you might consider consult a nursing attorney experienced in handling substance abuse issues with the BON.  If you are unable to locate an experienced attorney locally the American Association of Nurse Attorneys might be helpful.

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The DUI charge will need to be adjudicated first prior to the board of nursing taking action. Follow Chare's advice to seek legal counsel.  The state BON where the DUI occurred often will initiate license review and action, if warranted, with other state reviewing case and issuing their discipline when warranted.  Takes months of investigation and BON review before case presented at BON meeting and action decided.

Professional Health monitoring program links

PA: Voluntary Recovery Program

WVA: https://wvrestoreprogram.com/


Visit each states disciplinary actions page to get idea judgements awarded:

PA https://www.dos.pa.gov/ProfessionalLicensing/VerifyaProfessional/DisciplinaryActions/Pages/default.aspx

WVA: https://wvrnboard.wv.gov/complaints/Pages/Discipline-Reports.aspx

Take care of your health is paramount for continuing your nursing career.

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