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Hey everyone , I'm 25 an LPN currently doing home health . I'm in my RN BSN program and I have a confession . I have high anxiety of applying to a hospital position or working in a hospital setting . I feel like I'm educated enough , but who can remember everything in nursing school ? It's impossible . I have my bls and what not, but have not actually preformed cpr other than on a maniqunne . I always here the actual job is stressful and man I can only to a extent in such a situation . Makes me think I should take anti anxiety medication or something . I did a lot to get into my program now , and I can't turn back on this career . My anxiety comes from thinking the worst is going to happen on day one type of feeling .

Anyone one with a similar prob ?

I felt like this at one point or another but it was based on false assumptions. I faced my fears and became successful. You have to try if it is what you desire. It will either work out or it won't and if it doesn't you still have options. Try to face your fears without first turning to medication unless you feel it is necessary. Sounds like you have fear mainly from having not experienced a lot as a nurse.

I really do not have a lot of experience at all, besides the small things i've done in home health. where did you start off?


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You might want to start in med/surg which will give you a solid foundation. As far as CPR goes, I've seen the techs do most of the compressions as the nurses are the ones pushing meds or giving a quick update to the physician/AOD that comes to the code. Find a hospital that will give you a good orientation of atleast a month and maybe start at nights if you are able to. You wont be required to remember everything from nursing school. Just focus on your specialty whether it is adults, peds, mother/baby, ER, ICU critical care, whatever it is and brush up on it. Hope this helps.

It does help completely thanks alot Chaseloss. I always seen myself in the ER but im scared to start there maybe ill start somewhere else. This is my second time going through nursing school Well first was LPN but the material is practically the same .

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If you pass your training and NCLEX, then you are qualified. Always make decisions on the best choice for your patient and you will have 90% of it. Ask questions, and never proceed unless you know what you are doing. Everyone new is nervous, good luck.

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You'll be fine. Even experienced nurses get nervous during codes (I've been a nurse for 13 years and codes are still nerve wracking to me). Once you pass boards and start work as an RN your LPN training will be invaluable. I started in a hospital (ICU) as a brand new RN with practically no prior healthcare experience other than nursing school. I caught on quick, just stay focused and hopefully you'll have a good preceptor (mine was awesome). Dont sweat the small stuff, your focus right now should be finishing school and getting your license.


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Here I am, with no hospital experience, straight from ADN program to ICU where we have critically ill patients. I did go through critical care nurse residency though. But that's because I wanted to work in the critical care unit.

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Just jump into it, man. Getting that experience now will be invaluable. Not only will it help you tremendously with your RN program, but you'll also feel much more comfortable when you land a gig as a new grad. With any luck your first shift will be a complete train wreck, then you've got nowhere to go but up. My very first shift after transitioning from emt to paramedic was terrible (had a STEMI, cardiac arrest, and then a shooting in my first 12 hours), but I'm incredibly thankful that the cards played out that way. Trial by fire is a real thing... And it's really effective.

You'll be great ! Wondering if you could tell me more about your residency?

Could you tell me a little about the residency application process?


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That's a normal feeling. I just graduated and have yet to take the NCLEX and find a job however; school only gets us to where we want to be and the actual job is where your actual training starts in my opinion. If you remember everything in nursing school that's good if not, don't sweat it. Nursing is a lifelong learning career.

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