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  1. Any one pursuing a DNP, this fall?

    Very excited indeed, completed ADN-BSN last Spring 2017, and currently on BSN-DNP that I started this Fall 2017. Its all in class public university. I work fulltime and on a 4 year program. This was my end-goal. I can't wait!
  2. yes I did and competed it. so worth it and the pay is great!
  3. Marshfield Clinic residency

    To OP, do not listen to anyone trashing Marshfield clinic organization if they have never worked there. I completed my Critical Care Nurse Residency in Feb this year (2017) and it was a great experience. Currently working in one of the ICU. As you kn...
  4. Dude I'm scared

    Here I am, with no hospital experience, straight from ADN program to ICU where we have critically ill patients. I did go through critical care nurse residency though. But that's because I wanted to work in the critical care unit. My self-esteem is to...
  5. To all current NP's. What drove you to become one? Advice? Etc?

    In 2014 when I first joined AN, I was about to start my ADN but I had my eyes set on becoming a Nurse practitioner. Nothing wrong with that. Because of my long goal, I had to do ADN and BSN general studies at the same time. No summer break or any bre...
  6. Average DNP loans

    I am planning to buy a house out of cash worth $80K, I completed my ADN and BSN with zero debt. Worked hard to pay my fees, I applied to all scholarships and grants offered. I will be starting my DNP in the Fall-2017 employer sponsored plus I have to...
  7. Upcoming DNP Interview

    I did mine over the phone. Pretty much why you are applying and your goals. I had amazing people who did my reference letters, plus a standout essay. I received acceptance letter today. Hopefully, that would be your story! Wish you all the best.
  8. How long did it take you to take the nclex?

    I used quizlet for review. It took me 2hrs 40mins for 75 questions. English is my 2nd language and it takes forever for me to understand this language especially with nclex type of question.
  9. My NCLEX Experience 7/6/2016

    I did my exam also on 7/6 and it was the easiest exam I have ever done. I was afraid the questions were below the standard. I did PN-NCLEX last year and it was really hard and if I had to grade myself, may be I got a 30% but I passed anyway. This RN-...
  10. I need a mentor

    Here is what helped me graduate with honors. I depended on NCLEX quizlet. I really did not open any text book to read. I recorded every lecture (attended all classes), some instructors will set exams based on what they teach only, some will set exam ...
  11. Areas Hiring ADN new grad??

    Lots of jobs in Marshfield Area for new grads.
  12. Anyone applying for critical care nurse residency at St. Joseph-Marshfield and St. Clare's Weston for July 2016 intake?
  13. I failed my school drug test. Am I finished forever?

    @Heathermaizey. Well done reply. I wish I was raised in a sugar coated environment.
  14. I failed my school drug test. Am I finished forever?

    These are your words," I don't smoke much" Well, what do you mean by I don't smoke much? If I were in your shoes, I would not talk about completing nursing school rather take responsibility and search for help on how to stop marijuana use or anything...
  15. Breakups during nursing school.

    I will be done with my 3rd semester on 15th this month. 6 students in my class broke up with their husbands/boyfriends, 5 of the six failed to make it to the 4th semester and only one made it through. There is a better road besides a bridge, you can ...