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    Any one pursuing a DNP, this fall?

    Very excited indeed, completed ADN-BSN last Spring 2017, and currently on BSN-DNP that I started this Fall 2017. Its all in class public university. I work fulltime and on a 4 year program. This was my end-goal. I can't wait!
  2. Anyone applying for critical care nurse residency at St. Joseph-Marshfield and St. Clare's Weston for July 2016 intake?
  3. yes I did and competed it. so worth it and the pay is great!
  4. jaluo2014

    Marshfield Clinic residency

    To OP, do not listen to anyone trashing Marshfield clinic organization if they have never worked there. I completed my Critical Care Nurse Residency in Feb this year (2017) and it was a great experience. Currently working in one of the ICU. As you know, Marshfield Clinic is in the process of buying out St. Joseph hospital, which everyone is happy about. When I applied for the Residency, I was called after 4 days and had appointment for interview. They are very good with calling candidates. My offer as a new grad was $26.50 base plus I was given $1,500 recruitment bonus. After completing my Residency, I was added $1.05 plus yearly increase of $0.40, I will be graduating this coming weekend and I am guaranteed additional $1.00. So basically as a new nurse, I am making about $29/hr. Typically, this area and around here, ministry is starting their employees at about $23/hr. Also, we have double dollar initiatives and single dollar. Clinic pays $20 in addition to your base salary if you pick up those extra shift specials plus you get your overtime pay after 40hrs/week. I live in a one bedroom spacious apt. at $450/month, water and electricity the highest I have paid is $18/month. If you like night-club lifestyle then this is not your place. I am not originally from here, I just moved to the area due to this great opportunity, I go back home on my off day. One thing that the organization should work on is health insurance. The best you can get is $3300 for single deductible, or $6000 for family deductible that changed since this year. last year, you were able to choose $1500 single and $3000 family for deductible. You cant have it all! There are other coverage but their premiums are steep. If you need more information. You can PM me. PS I just recruited two of my friends and one is interviewing tomorrow (she is on this site), the other is in July. Jaluo
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    Dude I'm scared

    Here I am, with no hospital experience, straight from ADN program to ICU where we have critically ill patients. I did go through critical care nurse residency though. But that's because I wanted to work in the critical care unit. My self-esteem is to the boiling point. Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent - E. Roosevelt
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    To all current NP's. What drove you to become one? Advice? Etc?

    In 2014 when I first joined AN, I was about to start my ADN but I had my eyes set on becoming a Nurse practitioner. Nothing wrong with that. Because of my long goal, I had to do ADN and BSN general studies at the same time. No summer break or any break from school. I Completed my ADN-RN in 2016 then transferred to State University to complete the remaining 30 credit for upper nursing courses and my graduation is set in May 2017. To wrap it up, today, I received a letter of acceptance to a DNP program within the state University system. I did it, you can do it! One thing that I can tell you, go through some of the posts in this forum and you will go far in your professional life. When I need advice, other than God, AN is my favorite mentor tool that I use. All the best!
  7. jaluo2014

    Average DNP loans

    I am planning to buy a house out of cash worth $80K, I completed my ADN and BSN with zero debt. Worked hard to pay my fees, I applied to all scholarships and grants offered. I will be starting my DNP in the Fall-2017 employer sponsored plus I have to chip in if needed. Never had a loan in my life before, I was brought up in a generational poverty background back in Africa and I see loans as a way to take me back to where I was as a child. Could there be a way you can take even one class at a time as you pay up. Or wait until you have some money to start-off with.
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    Upcoming DNP Interview

    I did mine over the phone. Pretty much why you are applying and your goals. I had amazing people who did my reference letters, plus a standout essay. I received acceptance letter today. Hopefully, that would be your story! Wish you all the best.
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    How long did it take you to take the nclex?

    I used quizlet for review. It took me 2hrs 40mins for 75 questions. English is my 2nd language and it takes forever for me to understand this language especially with nclex type of question.
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    My NCLEX Experience 7/6/2016

    I did my exam also on 7/6 and it was the easiest exam I have ever done. I was afraid the questions were below the standard. I did PN-NCLEX last year and it was really hard and if I had to grade myself, may be I got a 30% but I passed anyway. This RN-NCLEX if I had to grade myself, may be above 90%. That was easy!!! Congratulations
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    I need a mentor

    Here is what helped me graduate with honors. I depended on NCLEX quizlet. I really did not open any text book to read. I recorded every lecture (attended all classes), some instructors will set exams based on what they teach only, some will set exam directly from power-point but in nclex-style. So, knowing your instructor's way of setting exam is key. About quizlet, as a new NS I didn't understand nclex type of question so I needed exposure and learn on my own how to choose the correct answer. Quizlet was my life-saver and it had been my life-saver. I used quizlet to study for my RN-NCLEX that I took 2days ago and passed. I was the only student in my class who could pull out 100% in an exam. Why? Because of quizlet. Just additional note, sometimes the answers on quizlets are wrong, so you need to think deep and smart for your answers. You can google my quizlet folder "DEE7772015 quizlet"
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    Areas Hiring ADN new grad??

    Lots of jobs in Marshfield Area for new grads.
  13. jaluo2014

    I failed my school drug test. Am I finished forever?

    @Heathermaizey. Well done reply. I wish I was raised in a sugar coated environment.
  14. jaluo2014

    I failed my school drug test. Am I finished forever?

    These are your words," I don't smoke much" Well, what do you mean by I don't smoke much? If I were in your shoes, I would not talk about completing nursing school rather take responsibility and search for help on how to stop marijuana use or anything that will hinder my schooling. You have to think about the people who will be in your care. Go back to the school where you were expelled, asked them if there are resources for you out there for therapy. That way, the faculty will see your interest in changing your situation and feel your helplessness situation. You never know, you may be given a 2nd chance if they see a big change in you. You cannot change from outside in, it has to be inside out. All the best.
  15. jaluo2014

    Breakups during nursing school.

    I will be done with my 3rd semester on 15th this month. 6 students in my class broke up with their husbands/boyfriends, 5 of the six failed to make it to the 4th semester and only one made it through. There is a better road besides a bridge, you can cross over to the other side. God bless!
  16. Before I open my mouth to speak or dwell in the oops! situations in my life, I would fill the room with positive things about me and what I can offer to my new employer. Employer would like to know somehow your weakness, but how you overcome it means a lot. Anyhow, your employer is desperate to hire just like you are desperate to be hired. Its a 50/50, I am yet to meet an employer who will tell potential hire how they are short-staffed over the weekends. All the best, your job is on the way!
  17. jaluo2014

    How do I proceed with my nursing career

    @Olgachikaka. Congratulations for your accomplishments. I know how hard it is for nurses back at home (Africa) to find a job. Having a plan B is important for your future career but it comes with variables. I have several friends in Dubai but they say it is a long process to get license. In addition to minimum requirement of 2-5 years of practice. Again, life there is very expensive and rate of pay is based on your nationality. I have never heard of internship for foreign graduate in the US "unless I don't pay attention to news". Have you thought looking up agencies that hire nurses to middle-eastern countries? Other than middle-east, have you thought of working for NGO's like WHO in your country? You can volunteer as you gain experience working with people in the community. This is just to add, I am originally from East-Africa and I lived a bit in Botswana and I met many nurses happy with their jobs, in fact so many of my country people moved to Botswana to take up some jobs over there. would it be easier to cross the boarder and get experience before you go international? Lots of hugs and prayers as you make decision.
  18. For those who are preparing for this exam, here is my amazing journey experience. I graduated in May 2015 and right away I started preparing for this exam. I had NCLEX-PN by Saunders 6th ed., Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment by LaCharity and exam Cram that was not of good help at all, it actually made me depressed. I set my goals and did upto 500 questions each day sometimes more. After I was done with the above study materials, I started going through flashcards and quiz-lets online particularly on my weak areas (I hate SATA type of question) so I basically put more efforts in understanding how to answer SATA questions. I can't put in words how I did study for it but I was good at it. I did more practice SATA type of questions on Elsevier Evolve website (My school is using Elsevier and we have access to its free books and practice tests) The questions are content based. Knowing the content is important. You can't answer a question that you have no idea of what it is asking, so know your content. I arrived at the center one day early just to get used to the place. Got a good hotel nearby, did not sleep because of anxiety. I reviewed all the labs until 1am, went to bed and slept till 7am. My hubby said to me that I talked through the night (I sleep talk when I am stressed) At 7am, I felt like reviewing dose calc for an hour. Then got ready for a good breakfast. I hate eating in the morning but I had to. I hydrated myself by drinking pure water. My stomach felt empty despite the fact that I ate. My stomach was hurting and I had to visit bathroom like 4X before the exam. Well, my exam was to start at 11am but because I was so stressed, I thought waiting was not the best option. I went in at 10:15 am and right away after security checks and biometrics, I was showered into the exam. I would not go into details, the exam was really hard. My 1st exam was a multiple choice then from the 2nd question till 25th question it was SATA's. I felt like throwing up at some point but I kept my confidence up. One hour passed by and I was in question 37, that tells you how slow I was. I wasn't worried about being slow (That's how I am, English is my 2nd language” I didn't care about the pace but I cared more about how I answer my SATA questions. I was convinced that incase I ran out of time and my last 60 questions were all right then I am good. By the time I was at the 85th question, before I submitted, I said a word of prayer and talked to God. Then it shuts off. I was happy the screen turned blue because I wasn't sure what I was doing. I am a straight A student, and I don't study the recommended text book to get high scores but I study through questions. This exam was not close to my straight A. I would say, if it was scored, I got a 40% or below. In all the 85 questions, 60 were SATA. I literally counted as I go. When they say that NCLEX is not about how many questions you get right, from my experience, I believe in that theory 100%. Now, go there and shine! All the best to candidates.
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    Are 2nd semester nursing students considered CNA's?

    you can work as nurse assistant but not CERTIFIED nurse assistant at least in my state. You can easily get hired at assisted living but not a Nursing home. you don't need certification to work in assisted living but you need certification for a nursing home and hospital. Hope this helps
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    Help me please

    Hello, This is my post I made last year January, I hope it will be helpful to you. 1. Take Hesi exam serious, it's not easy or basic and that depends on your college. 2. About timing I took 282minutes and 21 sec ( 4 hours 42 minutes). I did not see any timeout icon. There was no timing per section so take your time. Many students will leave within two hours and by three hours the room will be empty. Hey! I stayed in the room alone for almost two hours. Now am rejoicing! Take your time. If you are a fast reader, Go! Go!, if you are not, please take your time.They give you 4 hours to take exam. 3. The initial report we had about the exams was that, there are 50 questions in Math, 47 in English comprehension, 25 in sciences. No! The exam reflected a different number, Math, English section all were 55 questions, sciences was 30 questions. In fact we were told that there was no grammar section and later we realized that there was grammar and we had to do it. My study buddy said to me that, "it doesn't hurt to study physics even though there is no physics section". 4. Always know that, last year's Hesi might be different with this year's. So in case a former Hesi student shares with you what they had in their exam, keep in mind it will be all new again. 5. Do not put your trust in the recommended test book by Elsevier; it has some errors in it that are misguiding. I had other 4 different types of Hesi study guides but all had errors. 6. Make sure you have other text book. In my case, I used my General Anatomy & Physiology text book, Chemistry Text book, Microbiology Text book, Rules for Writers text book, and basic mathematics by McKeague ( I have done all these classes in the past and retained my text book) 7. Have a study buddy, to ask questions that you do not understand, or just call and share about a topic. My relationship with my study buddy had a great positive outcome, and we both made it among the top 20-25 students. 8. If you are not good in a certain subject, please use yu-tube videos. There are great instructors there! Also if your college is offering Academic success, that's a great opportunity for you to start from the beginning. 9. Quiz-lets are VERY helpful but some of them have got errors, so use your text book to correct the errors. Correcting errors will allow your brain to retain that information you are correcting. 10. My study buddy love to use study cards, I don't! Use what works for you better. 11. A timetable worked for me, this is because I work, run business, and have home/family to manage. 12. Stay away from negative people; you will meet students repeating Hesi for the second, third or fourth time. Do not let anyone's experience be yours. You are different and destined for better things. 13. English is my third language besides speaking and writing 5 other languages. We had sections of English i.e. English Comprehension, grammar, Vocabulary. I read most of the paragraphs I found online. Vocabulary section, you need to know the ones in the Elsevier text book and any other source will be helpful. Math section (Know Decimals, fractions, House hold measurements, Algebra, proportions, General math. You also have an inbuilt calculator, very helpful) Chemistry ( know Chemical reactions, Gas law, chemical bonds, periodic table, solution/solvent/solute, water) Reading and comprehension ( Word meanings, Conclusions, implications, understanding) Biology (know cell structure, cell transport, competitive inhibitors, phenotype/genotype) Anatomy ( Know all about the importance of Carbon dioxide CO2 in the body, Gall bladder, Menstrual circle, ossification) we did not have any easy question in science sections. We were able to choose what subject to start with, I started with my sciences, math and then English last. 14. Eat good before you go to exam room, have something to drink like water while doing exam. Take some time off and deep breath, this will help your eye muscle relax and your brain as well. Stay away from things that will distract you. Believe that you can make it. 15. Lastly, prepare yourself for good news or bad news. We had to wait for a week to be called by the college. Waiting after Hesi exam is very stressful. In my college, it does not matter if you had 90% in your exam. If 25 student had 91% and above then you are done! Bye..... Get yourself ready for the result. I wish you all the best and please remember to share with allnurses.com. Sorry for my English writing!
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    Is it too soon to study for the HESI?

    Hesi exam is different in every college/program. Ask the nursing students who just took Hesi in your school and you will have enough info. At my college, it doesn't matter if your accumulative score is 95%. if 24 student got 96% and above; you are likely not to be in the program. Our exams consist of Math, English Comprehension, Vocabulary, Anatomy &physiology, Biology,and Chemistry. Find out what they offer at your school, the study guide, and other student resources. I started preparing for my Hesi like a year before exam. You can do it !! All the best !!!
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    Next Semester Layout

    If you struggle with math, I would take Basic College math to warm-up for Chemistry and Statistics. Again, this is my suggestion, if your school is having online Psych class. It would be a good idea because you will definitely have enough time doing math. Remember Statistics is a combination of math and critical thinking. All the best
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    First job - HIV unit

    I have worked in Africa with bedridden HIV and Aids pts. I handled them just like I do here with my LTC residents. No needs of gloves unless there is skin break or dealing with bodily fluids. Like in Africa, these pt's need more TLC. It might be different here, but over there, culture is the main worry of dealing with HIV and Aids pts. Just love them and handle them like any other pt.
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    Is Rasmussen a Good college and transferable?

    Nicolet. I am entering into the 2nd semester now. Very happy!!!