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Dry, cracked and bleeding skin on my fingers


Hi. I was wondering what kind of bandages I could wear that would not interfere with putting on gloves and hand washing too much. They aren't very deep cuts. They are right around my cuticles mostly. I need cheap options, please.

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Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Is it safe to assume you're a student since this is in the student forum? If so, I would ask your instructor- the clinical site may have policies in place. Don't forget to look into prevention- invest in a good moisturizer for your hands.

Yes, I'm a student. LNA student but thought I'd ask here about waterproof band aids appropriate for glove wearing and hand washing.

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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Its unlikely you'll find any bandage that holds up to washing and hand sanitizer as frequently as you'll need to perform hand hygiene without frequently changing the bandage. You could contact the hospital's infection control department and see if they have any recommendations. Otherwise I would suggest washing your hands with soap and water instead of hand sanitizer and then follow up with a hospital-approved moisturizer/lotion. Wear gloves during routine patient care due to your open wounds. I'll reiterate the the infection control department at your clinical sites is your best resource.

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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Another great strategy is to keep something like Vaseline Hand and Nail lotion by your bed. Slather it on before you go to bed, taking care to rub it into the affected areas. Do it EVERY night and you'll see improvement.

About to graduate, and have dealt with the same issue throughout these program. I use hoof cream, yes-seriously. Rub it in to your nails and hands CONSTANTLY when you're not at clinical. Buy inexpensive cotton gloves (camera or art stores) and put it in at night, then wear gloves all night. It takes time, and you can't let up. Before starting clinical, put on Gloves in a Bottle (Amazon has it). You'll need to reapply at breaks and lunch- it does help. I agree with avoiding gel when you can. I wear gloves as much as possible, them wash with soap and water. Don't pick your cuticles! Where you honestly have open cuts, Band Aid waterproof bandages with neosporin, covered by a regular band aid. Swap out band aid as needed try throughout day, but keep waterproof on. I usually have to replace at lunch. I butterfly a cloth band aid, and it works great. Hack : put a band - Aid on your finger ( sort band best trick ) - YouTube

Hang in there-

WanderingWilder, ASN

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Google finger cots, I'm not sure if it exactly what you are looking for but they go over the finger. May work with a glove.

I have the same problem, go online or look in your drugstore for something called Working Hands it is a cream and will health them up in just a few days..I have also seen it sold at Busy Beaver Hardware store, It comes in a wide and short green plastic container..my fingers used to hurt so bad they would throb in pain..and all it takes is for me to use a hand sanitizer and they are sore just in one day..good luck let me know how it works for you..I tried all kind of stuff this is the only thing that worked for me.

Moisturize your hands at night with a good lotion (fragrance free is better since there is little to no alcohol). Then put on some type of rubber, latex or nitrile glove after and sleep with them on. This method always works for me and I get the worst dry, chapped, cracked bleeding hands in the the early fall to early spring due to my frequent hand washing.


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Working Hands lotion is great stuff, as well as Vaseline Intensive care lotion. Another tip that won't help prevent cracks, etc, but baby powder will help you get gives on if you have any issues. (I carry a small travel size bottle of baby powder in my pocket, because it's almost impossible to quickly get gloves on hands that have been freshly washed, no matter how careful you are about drying them)