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  1. blaundee

    Male Student in OB Rotation

    I wouldn't make comments like that to any patient, male or female. I always try to provide privacy and dignity to all of my patients, and have never taken offence to a male patient asking for a male provider. The men that I work with also do not take offence if a patient asks for a female provider (both females AND males will ask for female-only providers).
  2. blaundee

    Abbreviation for "Precautions" ?

  3. I'm having brain freeze. Is there an abbreviation for "precautions"?
  4. blaundee

    Practice TEAS?

  5. blaundee

    Practice TEAS?

    I'm trying to find a good site to practice taking the TEAS... any recommendations?
  6. blaundee

    Help please!! Hep B Immunizations?!

    That's how it was for me- 2 shots and then a titer showed that I was immune. Now I just get titers drawn.
  7. blaundee

    Anyone commute long distance to school everyday?

    I've been driving 2 hours one way to get to school, so I'm looking to rent a room... hopefully I'll have a room by this weekend!
  8. blaundee

    Someone please explain this to me

    A nurse aid doesn't necessarily mean that they're certified. A CNA IS certified and has gone through at least 75 hours of schooling and has had to pass a skills test AND at least 1 written test.
  9. Fwiw- regular strength hydrogen peroxide will quickly and completely remove blood stains, and most facilities have that on the shelves!
  10. Bump. I googled for this, maybe it'll help someone else too LoL
  11. blaundee

    Finding my place in nursing. Not liking LTC/SNF!

    That's how I was when I was a new aide, so slow because I was trying to do everything the right way. The sad reality of nursing homes... they're understaffed, and you can only get the bare minimum done. Perhaps as an lpn, you could help out with some of that. I worked with a nurse who loved to do the "little things" like brushing their hair, applying lotion, helping them with their fancier clothes that take so long to put on, painting their fingernails, brushing their teeth... it made life better for the residents and helped the CNAs too. It's just plain impossible for one aide to do everything like that for 20+ residents.
  12. blaundee

    Part - time CNA

    I agree with Verene that it would be very very difficult to live independently on a pt CNA wage.
  13. blaundee

    Part - time CNA

    Pay varies widely from state to state. It also depends on the facility and your experience. Hospitals generally pay better than nursing homes but want you to have experience. There are a lot of threads on this topic in the Facebook group "CNA's" (yes, I know the apostrophe shouldn't be there, LoL, but that's the name of the group)
  14. blaundee

    CNA Question

    You'll probably have to start off working every weekend, then once they know you and know that you're trained, talk about accommodation for your class schedule. As for volunteering... do it at the place that you want to get hired at so you can make connections and get your foot in the door. Getting hired at a hospital is mostly about who you know.
  15. blaundee

    Please help me! I really need good sound advice...

    Great! Good luck, and good job for following your dreams :) I'm 35 and finally going back to school to become an RN!
  16. blaundee

    Would I have to go back to school for a med aide?

    Call the registry in the state you're planning to move to.