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loriangel14, RN

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We never had a physical never mind a drug test.


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My nursing school didn't do routine tox screens, I'm sure there was some sort of stipulation for random screens if they suspected students were impaired but it was never an issue (in my class, at least). I did have a urine drug screen & breathalyzer as part of my pre-employment physical for my current job though, and we're expected to comply if they request to do a random one (and I certainly wouldn't have an issue with it!)

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I attend a local Community College. We had to have a physical (TB & Hep B included), and background check but never a tox u/a. I haven't heard of anyone being randomly checked during the program.


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My school requires TB test, tetanus shot within last 10 years, Hep B, immunizations or titers proving immunity to varicella and rubella, routine physical and urine drug test. They said it is required in the contract they have with the local hospitals were we do clinicals... I had no idea where my shot records were and didn't think it was worth the time to look for records from 25 years ago so I just decided to become a human pincushion instead.

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We never had a physical never mind a drug test.

Me either :)

Not that I have anything to hide..but still.....I am one of the few believers in the occassional joint on vacation.

Not I....but I can understand it. :D :saint:



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I didn't have one at schol, but at the hospital where I am a tech I had to do it. No worries! :coollook:

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