Drug Discrepency


I got my first discrepancy where I have no clue how it happened? I remember pulling the drug and giving it. When the count was done it showed a wrong count. I have no clue how this happened. I am clueless. Has this happened to anyone? And what do I expect to happen to me? I am really bothered by it because I am clueless.

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It showed the wrong count when you pulled it. IE: You entered there were 14 Dilauded and it said there should be 15. Or it was correct when you did it but the next nurse showed the count was off???


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Did you do the change of shift count YOURSELF? Was it correct then?

When you did your drug pull, did you ensure the count was correct then (like a mini one-drug count)? That's a habit I got into very early in my career.

In 40 years of nsg, I had only ONE time that I could NOT account for one pill. I think when the I counted with the previous nurse, she just "YESSED" everything as she did the book while I did the cards. I always found her as inattentive and sloppy' re her narc signing & counting.

I think I was erroneously "YESSED" thru the count. I just missed it. And I used to try to be ever soooo extra careful when I counted with that nurse.

You prob had to make out an Incident Occurrence report. And there will prob most likely be an in-house investigation. Depending on the med and any other parties involved, etc, that will determine how far an investigation will go. I've seen crazy, simple errors that were easily determined. Hopefully, that is all that will occur.

By any chance, did you ever give over your keys temporarily to anyone else??? Just asking ...

You don't say how long you've been at your job, but if you're a newbie/new grad, PLEASE be super duper careful as you continue. You could be under greater scrutiny as a result of the discrepancy and that would be ammunition for termination.


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I am new to this facility. I started a little over 2 months ago. I did my count just like any other time. No problems. When the charge nurse went to do the narc count my oxy drawer came up 1 missing and I was the lats one who pulled? I know it was busy that day. If a narc count would of been wrong at that time, I could and would have been able fixed it accordingly. My cncern is, what can happen? Has this happened to anyone else. This was a first for me in my career. And I have been liscended for over 10yrs. Now I see how much careful o need to be.

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did you witness the CN doing the count? if not, she/he may be the guilty party. never give up your keys/drawer to anyone without counting.


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No, I did not. The do a nightly count with another nurse. It was apparently the pharmacist who came up to clear discrepencies and i never was alerted a discrepency on my count. Im just clueless. I am more concern how much trouble i can get into?

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Not sure, can you offer to do a drug screen? Although that will only clear you of taking it yourself, not taking it for someone else.

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Sounds to me like the discrepancy may not be yours. Too many hands in the cookie jar, so to speak.


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Unfortunately, does happen that the error was there before you