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  1. KIMMIEKAY11868

    VA- The mysterious on boarding process

    Jrioja21 Hi. have a tentative offer from the VA CBOC as a nurse practitioner. I was given the Nurse qualification standards to fill out for Nurse III. What I have is about as clear as mud as to what is needed.I have gotten to the part of the VA efo the Nursing Board to determine my salary. I have watched multiple youtube videos and have read tons of documents to try to get what they want to see on this resume. but I am still having a lot of trouble on how exactly to word this. I saw where you have been through this before and offered to give people a copy of yours. I am desperate for some help to see an example to be sure this is what they are looking for! Could you please give me some guidancel. I had to do this for my RN 1 to RNII many, many, many years ago and I do not have the slightest memory of what I put. It has been well over 10 years since any employer has asked me to do anything like this. I feel like a fish out of water. Thank you so very much for being such a great resource for me and all others you have helped.
  2. KIMMIEKAY11868

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Trumi241 Hi. I have requested RN4KU'S copy. I am a new hire and have not ever worked for the VA. I have to submit as a Nurse III for salary and have very little information information or guidance about what I am doing. Could you please advise and email me a copy of yours please at kimcolluraficifnp@gmail.com.
  3. KIMMIEKAY11868

    Stimulants & side effects

    Yes, but millions take it daily. Imitex can cause cardiac issues as well. Read the risks to all drugs. There are a lot of side effects that can occur. You have to ask yourself risk versus benefit. Only you can answer that.
  4. KIMMIEKAY11868

    Stupid mistake

    I hate incident reports. We are human and therefore not infallible. There is a video on YouTube about this so doctor who killed a patient. Accidentally, of course. But, he goes on to talk about how the medical field employees are held to a God like standard of zero mistakes ever. We are not God. We do all we can to avoid mistakes and hope they never occur but if they do then we need to forgive ourselves! Watch that video. It helps with perspective. I always wonder how many errors go untold because we are made to feel like will be punished.
  5. KIMMIEKAY11868

    Drug Discrepency

    Unfortunately, does happen that the error was there before you
  6. KIMMIEKAY11868

    Med error

    We are not God. We are human so we will make mistakes. Don't beat yourself up. You learned a lesson and you can even use this to help new grads!
  7. KIMMIEKAY11868

    Made 5 Med Errors

    It s seems this is happening more and more. The hours, the stress, the non-existant support systems, the mandatory overtime. Many seasoned nurses have retired leaving inexperienced nurses trying to take over emergency situations, be charge, handle too many patients, and they, themselves, are circling the drain.
  8. KIMMIEKAY11868

    Pain Medication addicts

    I worked in pain management for 18 months. There are many patients who have severe pain and are dependent on their opioid. There is a big difference between dependent and addicted! Many pain patients have real pain and there are those who abuse it. More difficult to tell than you would think! It is hard to manage period. We need new treatment options.
  9. KIMMIEKAY11868

    I am suspended

    I like the idea of coming up and presenting a solution. You do need to question is are you really paying attention or getting to stressed to think. You have to be vigilant to help these people. A friend of mind's. Mother was just given coumarin for several days in error and is now in the hospital fighting for her life. Please think about if you do this when overly tired, high stress times, overly busy? Is your mind on other things or just frazzled? If you think back to the times and can see what is going on with you at that time it may help prevent it again. Double and triple check the right med, dose, route, and patient and get into this every single time as if your life depended on it. Hope you improve and this does nothing but make you a better nurse.
  10. KIMMIEKAY11868

    I am new I just need some help please

    This does come in injection and nasal spray.
  11. KIMMIEKAY11868

    What are the top 5 medications YOU administer daily?

    I think patients are a lot of time on too many meds and some of their symptoms could be from the side effects when all combined.
  12. KIMMIEKAY11868

    It's not my job to pray with you.

    Studies prove that spiritual patients fair much better.
  13. KIMMIEKAY11868

    How to properly clean your stethoscope

    Interesting. My stethoscope gets hairspray residue on the tubing and then my hair gets tangled in it. Any ideas?
  14. KIMMIEKAY11868

    Bullying Doctors

    Does anyone see Nurse practitioners disrespected due to their ability to fit in as just a nurse with a little more education?
  15. KIMMIEKAY11868

    The Fat Doctor: Can You Trust Out of Shape Health Workers?

    Weight is no joke. The stress alone is conducive to weight gain.