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Drexel ACE Program


Has anyone applied for this program for fall 2009? If so have you got accepted yet or are you still waiting? Have you completed all your prereq's?


Hi there!

I actually just submitted my application! The application literally took me 10 minutes to complete - is that normal? I suppose I just have to ask my school to send a transcript there and just finish up my pre-requisites. The process at Drexel doesn't seem clear cut - I am a bit confused about the ACE program in that there weren't clear dates and what not like other schools. The priority deadline for Fall 2009 is October 15th, but is it rolling admissions? I am going to be a senior at the Johns Hopkins University, and I am looking at a variety of accelerated BSN programs. I really would like to get into the Columbia BSN-MS program though! Anyway, I'll let you know if I hear from Drexel in the next few weeks!


Doesnt job hopkins have a great nursing program? Drexel is having an open house on the Ace Program on I think 9/09 at 5pm are you going? I hear the open houses give alot of info. I called today and they said that they will review after the Oct 15 deadline and they will accept until full. Also she said they give provisional acceptance so if you still have prereq's to do then they still give you the opportunity. When do you graduate John Hopkins? I wont have my Bachelors til May but she said no problem as long as I have it before I start. I am finishing up prereq's this semester then I am finally done. I have to look into Columbia what state do you live in? I am in Southern NJ so Drexel is 25 mins away.

hi, i applied to Drexel for Fall 2009...I have not received a response yet...i have a question...i am currently taking the pre-reqs..i just completed ap 1 and Nutrition...should i also send that transcript...so that they can see i'm working on my pre-reqs?

I would call the admission secretary and ask if you should send an updated transcript from what she told me if you are missing something they will still accept you but you must finish whatever course is missing. You can submit it all at one time when your done. The secretary name is Fran Engleman 215-895-6731. They are still waiting on one of my transcripts. Did you apply to other schools?

i am quite embarrassed to say that i have not submitted my transcripts as of yet, b/c of an emergency situation with my young daughter...i will work on it this week. i have also applied to my current school nursing program, however it is a 2 1/2 year program...i'm 37...Need i say more? lol.....so i'm really hoping i can get into Drexels one year program....my previous degree is in sociology ---......so i just started in the summer taking my pre-reqs..ive taken the ap 1 and nutrition...this semester i'm taking ap 2 and stats....this is going to be a loongg road....lol....how about you bryana?

Since it seems like we are the only ones chatting lets go PM, I do have quite a bit to say so please email me your address and will go from there and I am 34 so i agree the 11 months is better than 2.5 yrs.

Hi Bryana -

I will be graduating from Hopkins in May. I called Drexel last week, and they said that they'll start looking at applications on October 16th. I believe we can get a conditional acceptance if we're in the process of completing our prerequisites. Good luck to the both of you!

Hi All,

I applied and was accepted for the Spring 2009. I can' remember all the question you hd but I will answer the ones I remember:

As far as sending your transcripts from your pre-reqs, you don't have to, send then when you are done, unless all of you pre-reqs were completed in your first undergrad.

They do have a rolling admission, but the sooner you get your stuff in the better, you will be a first priority, but they way I hear about Fall 2009, is that a lot of people applied for that class and they only accept 120. If you need any info feel free to PM me.


Hi everyone!

I submitted my application for fall 2009 just a couple weeks ago as well. I received 2 letters from them telling me they have all of my info, and to look out for another letter in the future about the status of my application. It said a few weeks, but I'm assuming since the deadline isn't until October 15? that they won't be making decisions until after that? Good luck to all that have applied! =]

I received a letter yesterday stating that my application was under review!


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hi, i applied to Drexel for Fall 2009...I have not received a response yet...i have a question...i am currently taking the pre-reqs..i just completed ap 1 and Nutrition...should i also send that transcript...so that they can see i'm working on my pre-reqs?

Hi. Thank you for Congrats! I don't know why but I cannot PM anyone. The drexel program is do-able.

Anyone hear back yet? I know the priority deadline was only a few days ago, but I'm antsy.

I'm antsy, too! I haven't heard anything from them, though.

I called their office a couple days ago and the lady told me that they just finalized their list of applicants, so they have to review them which will take about 2 weeks, and so we should wait for a decision within 4 weeks or so. I'm anxious! I wonder why it takes so long?

Hello All!!!

I applied for Fall 2009, as well, and I received my acceptance letter on November 6th! So, if you haven't heard any word yet, it will be coming soon!

-Tina Dominey

congrats to everyone on their acceptance...one step closer to becoming a nurse...i have sooo many questions to ask Drexel, before I can accept their acceptance...mainly financial aid....is anyone else in the position of having to quit their job, while have a MORTGAGE and family....i really need to know more about financial aid opportunities, b/c i cant leave all the responsibility on my husband....what a drag...also as this would be second degree for all of us, are we considered 5th year students or 1st year students...b/c there is a huge difference in the amount of financial aid one could qualify for...i know the drexel is going to send a list of classes we have to complete before entry into the program....from others posts, i also know that in order to sit for the NCLEX, we have to pass the HESI....so many questions.....and although the program is 11 months in length, realistically how long before graduates are EMPLOYED!!...please share your two cents and concerns as well....maybe i'm overlooking something...!!:uhoh3:

Congratulations to those of you who got in!!! I applied for Fall 2009, but have not received a letter yet. I hope thats not bad news. :scrying: For those of you who got in what was your GPA?

In response to beetree2008, my GPA was a 3.33.

And for Isitpossible, I am not too sure myself on the financial aid portion. However, for your question about employment, I have several friends that are completing their BSN at University of Maryland, and many have received job offers before even graduating! Since this career is in such high demand, we should have nothing to worry about in terms of receiving and maintaining a job.

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