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Some doulas wear scrubs and some don't. I've heard nurses say they don't like when they wear scrubs because it confuses them with the medical staff and they just want to feel more important than they are :eek: Oookay... a doula's not important? :rolleyes: ;)

Anyways, the hospital I 'doula' at, the nurses seem to all wear a standard green/blue set of scrubs. If I was to buy one of those really patterened L&D theme scrub tops, would you as a nurse still feel this way? I have this set of pajamas, actually, that I am wearing now - very comfy, but not very professional. DONA sells a polo shirt with their logo on it, but when I was at a department store and felt that scrub top.. it was lightweight, something I probably wouldn't sweat so much in, and I don't think I would get confused with medical staff.

What do you think?? I know it's not a huge issue, but god forbid I step on toes!!


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wear what ever you and your client is comfortable with. just be surethat if you look like like a nurse that you don't present yourself as one :)


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Okay, agreed! :)

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Could get a littel confusing but I agree with Mark. As long as you identify your self as a Doula and don't represent your self as a nurse it woudlent bother me. Some nurses might give you flack over it but some will no matter what you wear.

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Here's my two cents... Why don't you get a scrub top and have your name and 'Doula' embroidered the breast or pocket? That way, you get the lightweight fabric and comfort of scrubs, and you eliminate the problem of people mistaking you (not that I think this would be a huge problem, but that's my opinion and another topic!) because it's right there, in front of their face when they come up to speak to you. :>) You could also get your scrubs in a color very distinct from the ones that the other nurses wear- something the moms would like that doesn't look so clinical. I think scrub pants and an embroidered polo would look nice, but the polos can come in a thick knit, which could be too hot for you, not to mention that if you don't like the design of a collared polo, it makes that whole idea moot.


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I'm just curious why you don't wear comfortable clothing that you already have and save the $$? The doulas that I have worked with here and in CA wore normal comfy clothing that they already had. Some wore stretch pants and comfy top, others sweats, others jeans, skirts, etc. I guess I've never seen a doula wearing scubs and I'm curious why you feel that you need them?


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The doula training I took said you should wear comfortable clothes, but that you should also look professional. They recommended scrub pants because of their comfort and said a scrub top is very light and comfortable but that you need to be careful when you pick one out so that you won't get confused with medical staff.

Right now I have a pair of solid color pajamas that I wear. I'm chubby, so I wouldn't be caught dead in stretchpants. I get sweaty easily, and honestly I would wear tank tops but that doesn't go along with professionalism.


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wear what you want; make sure you wear a nametag to indicate your professional standing as a doula and that should cover ya just fine. you need to be comfortable after all, and if scrubs do the trick, why not? i just emphasize the NAME tag to differentiate you from staff and to indicate who you are (yes you ARE important to us, and more so, the patient and her family, be PROUD!)....jmo after being on the beach for 8 days, my brain is so sundrenched. Hope this post makes sense!


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Another point to ponder: if you LOOK like one of the staff, you could be called upon to help (in the hallway?) and you would be put in a very tough position trying to explain. The public is still very old fashioned with nurses. I once worked in an office where I was the only RN. On day one, I ASSUMMED I was working with a RN, as she had on a uniform(this was a while back) and a pin that looked VERY MUCH like mine!! I asked her where she went to school and was shocked to hear that she had previously worked at a local salad bar!!! She had bought the pin at a uniform shop and it was for "nursing assistant"!!!!!! To the general public, that pin, uniform, and stethescope means NURSE!! So as it has already been stated, make it CLEAR that you are NOT a nurse!! You can be comfortable, just differentiate your position clearly so it is obvious you are not part of that hospital's staff. It will help you work with the staff if they know you are doing your job, not trying to "compete" with them in this sticky issue of appearances.


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That's it! I'm going into the scrub-making business :D

I'll just wear this :roll Should solve the problem! :p

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Ya know, our house keeping staff wears the same scrubs we do. We hate it. How would YOU like to be confused with every other department who wears hospital scrubs. Our management is not willing to dole out money in order that we have our own, and they won't let us buy our own. So, housekeeping and nursing are often confused with one another. Come to think of it, sometimes that isn't such a bad thing.


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