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Dont think i can do this anymore


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I dont know if i can wait anymore. Every single day im thinking about whether or not i've been accepted. Ive applied to 3 schools. CSUCI for my BSN (1st choice) and i was rejected. 2nd choice is Ventura College for an ADN (still waiting) and 3rd choice (Moorpark College). I am anxiously waiting VC ive called, emailed, and even stopped at the school to speak to different people to see whether or not they give me different answers...and no they havent, its been the same "letters will be mailed off and students will see some type of communication the 3rd or 4th week of May" and MC is worse.."the end of September"! I know they are busy but i dont know what to do with myself anymore. I just feel bad for my mailman!! Hahaha

Setting myself up for the worse however. I'm thankful i am employed so im preparing to work here until i do get accepted, but im also planning on IF I dont get accepted. I even stopped myself from buying a new car and getting stuck with payments (im done paying my now car off in May) so ill be able to save. Im sure i wont be able to work while in school so im preparing for the worse and the best scenarios. Well we'll see what happens i guess...ill keep you guys updated let's just hope when they update comes it with some good news.


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typo: IF i *dont* get accepted

I know how you feel. Not knowing what is going to happen and not being able to control my own future is very painful. We work so hard to finish our pre-reqs, studying long hours through the night and on the weekends. Then spend money and time filling out applications to the universities, checking them off ten times to make sure everything is complete to later be asked to wait for a decision that seems to never come. However, there is nothing else we can do at this point but wait. Like I said, it is out of our power of control. What should comfort you is that are people out here on the same shoes as you. So don't lose your hope and if being a nurse is your dream.. keep it up. I know it's hard but try to not think about applications for a day. Try to keep your mind busy when the decision comes it will be like a unexpected present! That's how I'm trying to look at it. :p

Best of luck to us!!

Oh, I totally know how you feel! I seriously just got off the phone with my boyfriend who I forced to go check the mail to see if the letter finally came-it didn't :p. I'm sure it will be here with-in the next couple weeks, so I will be a crazy person until it comes.

I hope your letter comes SOON, and with the best of news! :)


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naniinasci you're totally right it is out of my hands now and im sure not in control im just going crazy :uhoh3: need to calm down and realize it isnst the end of the world and if i dont get in i guess it wasnt my time (lets just hope it is)

trb76 thank you!!! i hope yours come with good news as well im crossing my fingers, toes, arms, legs and whatever else for the both of us!:lol2:

waiting suck, but there is nothing you can do. If your grades are good enough, you'll be fine.


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well im hearing good things from administration telling me my score looks really good and i got a good gpa in my core sciences (3.56) they accept a 2.5 and up and a 62 on your teas i scored a 79. I mean it sounds good but i dont know how i compare to everybody else. Thats what's getting to me...THE UNKNOWN!!! lol no sense in worrying right?

I understand how you feel, the whole process is frustrating. I hope your acceptance letter comes soon.

Hang in there. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm very anxious and hope and pray that I get into a BSN program.

I feel your anxiety! I'm in pre-nursing and am guaranteed a spot in the nursing program in January. However, I was waitlisted for fall, which was unexpected. I'm scrambling to add classes to my already full summer schedule in case I get to start in August (I have 3 classes I still need to take so I was planning on taking 2 this summer and 1 in the fall.) Meanwhile, I have to keep my grades up to keep my guaranteed admission. Trying to plan in case I DO get accepted for fall AND trying to plan in case I DON'T get accepted!

I, too, am a self-admitted mail carrier stalker!


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I'm in the same boat with everyone on here. The college I'm waiting on said they can't make decisions until May 16th. They are waiting till the end of the semester grades are in then they will look at all GPA's, Hesi scores, and core classes. They do a ranking of all of these. From highest to lowest. I have alot of stress while waiting because I am planning for an acceptance and rejection. My husband is out of work and wants to start back soon but he's not applying for jobs in our area until he finds out if I got in the program or not because if I get in we will have to move. So I feel like I'm holding everybody up from making plans. Anyway I will try not to call the school or harrass the mailman. Even though I did pretend I was my friend who applied with me and asked questions since I have already called the school too much.


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hahaha christi m "trying to pan in case i do get accepted for fall and trying to plan in case i dont get accepted!" we are in the same boat!! planning on if's, when's, and buts! its horrible thinking you might get in but you dont want to get your hopes up and tell yourself you're going to get in. i hope you get in with and pass your classes goodluck!

thank you elirn3

i hope you get in as well dbabklyn goodluck!