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Don't know about you guys

I don't know about everyone but from time to time I need to read something positive here. The truth is almost every day I think about those things that I am grateful for. I just have an urge to share some of that here.

I am grateful for: a job, an income, a profession where I can afford to work part time, a reason to get up in the morning, my co-workers, the CNAs unit secretaries, the LVNs, the visitors who brighten my pt's day, the family member who fills me on the quirks, details and back ground of the pt's illness and those things that make it easier to care for him.

I am grateful for equipment that works, for a place to sit for a moment during the day, for the rapid response team, for the men and women at allnurses.com who share and listen, bolseter, advise, and scold me.

I am grateful to live close to the hospital where I work, for the educational oportunities at the hospital and those that are afforded me just because I am a nurse.

I am grateful for the grump be they nurse or pt. I am grateful because when the power goes out everywhere else the hospital has power.

I am grateful that the dirty needle stick I received never resulted in an infection of any kind.

I am grateful for the mistakes I have made and grateful from the things I learned from the tragic mistakes of other nurses and grateful that but for the grace of God it was not me that made it.

I am grateful that the nurse who tranfered a difficult pt to me (yesterday) saw that all his meds and treatments and such were done before transfering.

I am grateful that the doctor I called yesterday about a change of condition shared my concern and responded right away instead of making me waite until he rounded later.

OK I can go on but I won't hog it all. It is your turn.

I'm grateful for your post! :yeah:

Anyone who has done much traveling knows: if you're sitting in a room with an actual roof and walls, power that stays on and a supply of water that's safe to drink, you're ahead of about 90% of the rest of the world. Seriously. We way too easily lose sight of everything we have in this country.

Thanks for your post. What a lovely idea!

You are welcome!

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

Specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych.

I am thankful to be employed when so many other individuals are on the unemployment rolls with bleak futures.

I am thankful to have an interesting job.

I am pleased to be able to pick and choose my shifts.

I am fortunate to be earning a decent income.

I am thrilled to have options at my disposal.


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I am thankful for this job that is always interesting- there is always something to strive for, something to learn.


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I am thankful that God has blessed me with health, strength, and the will to thrive and survive!!

I am thankful that I am going after my passion, despite fear and anxiety

I am thankful that I have friends and family who are their for me no matter the trial or tribulation

I am thankful that I have been blessed to have all my needs, and some of my wants met

And I am thankful to know that I am not the only person going thru Nursing school despite the hardships!!!

And thankful that even though I dont sleep much, I for the most part have a positive attitude!! AMEN!!!


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I am thankful for:


America's health system. While not perfect, it's probably the best in the world regarding quality of care and what is available to patients.

For St. Paul Medical Center NICU in Dallas, Texas (10+years ago--wow!)

Toilets that can handle flushing toilet paper; water that doesn't HAVE to be filtered or boiled before oral use; power that stays on consistently; hot water that doesn't frequently quit working; water in general that doesn't frequently quit working; boxed cake mixes; popcorn & Dr. Pepper

Babies that smile at you even when you can't speak their language; adults who smile at you and compliment you on your attempts to speak their language

Freedom; the beauty of the American flag; those first moments in an American airport that says "You're HOME!"

My "kids" who support whole heartedly their mom's choice of second career; technology that makes it possible for me to see my grandkids on their special days

The Truth of J 3:16

the beauty of the American flag; those first moments in an American airport that says "You're HOME!"

Oh, you just hit a tender place. I get down right soppy over Old Glory. Those who have not live outside this country can not appreciate it. Besides esthetically it is the most beautiful flag and no country flies their flag the way we do. Yea!

Ok I am getting carried away but I did tell you.


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Agnus-Yep--Old Glory is the most beautiful flag and flown like no other in the world. I love it when I go through passport control at the first American airport going home. I love to see those guys at the counter. I love to see their faces & hear their "thank you" when I say "God bless America & there is NO place like home!" Usually gets a smile, maybe a look of surprise, but a smile.


Specializes in ICU.

i am grateful when a patient says to me at the end of my shift,

"thank you for all you have done for me today, will you be here tomorrow?"

loriangel14, RN

Specializes in Acute Care, Rehab, Palliative.

I am grateful for my health.

I am grateful to have a job that really love doing.

I am grateful for working with wonderful nurses and a terrific charge nurse.

I am grateful for two healthy children that do well in school.

I am grateful to be living in Canada and all the freedoms that means.

I too swell with pride when I see a flag fly.... My ds18 is debating joining the army reserves, and although as a mom I do not want to see him in harms way, in a way, it makes me proud, what I do is noble and important, and what the military does is very noble and very important.

I am sooo grateful for the freedom to work as I choose

I am grateful for the power and hot water (and clean water) that others have spoken of

I am grateful for a HUGE family who make me smile just thinking about all the fun times we have had....

I am grateful for friends who are there when that one pt/resident is pushing me to the edge..... and find something to make me laugh so I can finish the shift



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I am grateful for what everything I have. Anywhere from the picture my daughter drew for me, to the purse my sister made me, the little old house I live in that always needs work. (Really grateful for my new installation of central air and heat, YEAH!!!) All these may be material things but they represent the memories I cherish in my life.

I have been through a roller coaster and realized that even at the low point there was always a light a the end of the tunnel. That light was becoming a nurse and pursing what I love.

Life is beautiful. It it just a matter of dusting off the grime to see it.

Hi everyone, I'll join in. I'm grateful that:

I was born in a culture that values and respects women.

I was born into a family that values education and financial security above "fancy stuff".

For my partner and friends who have done the dance of joy with me at my acceptance to nursing school.

I had the determination and perseverance to reach for a healthy place in my life.

That my home (country, city and apartment) REALLY feel like home!

That if I don't like my circumstances...I can choose change...:wink2:


Specializes in CNA, Surgical, Pediatrics, SDS, ER.

I am greatful for all God has blessed me with. I may have taken a hard path to get where I am but I know that God was with me guiding me to where I am now.

I am so greatful for those that fight for our freedom so we have all the rights and the luxuries to live in a free country.

I am so greatful for my family and my healthy children.

I am greatful for my education and try to instill in my children the importance and privilage it is to have knowledge.

I am greatful for my job that I love like nothing else. Knowing that you are their to help people in many different phases of their life and make a difference is rewarding.

Thank you for your post.

Don't ask I guess it is the references to the military (as I was military and now have a kind or survivors remorse over having left just before the gulf wars.it was because I saw it coming) but I am getting teary eyed. Everything you are saying is doing it Now stop that.



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i am blessed

i truly confess

to work in the field of my choice

and truly develop

my won voice.

i am grateful

to be an rn

i ignore the scorn

and negativity

that others throw in our bin.

nursing gives me the wisdom

to grow and be more human.

to love, to care, to heal

to give more of myself

with zest and zeal.


i could've been a lawyer

a banker

earn millions of dollars

or not work at all

to make it worse.

but i wouldn't get

the same satisfaction and joy

from being

a registered nurse.



:redbeathe from the heart.

gonzo1, ASN, RN

Specializes in CEN, ED, ICU, PSYCH, PP.

I am grateful for Allnurses.com and all the aforementioned blessings.

Beautiful idea for a post. Brought tears to my eyes as I read it.

I am grateful for the closest parking spot almost always being there for me.

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