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I've looked through several posts but they are years older..can anyone give me an idea of what a DON in LTC without experience as a DON but with experience as a Nursing Supervior in the hospital would make? This is in Georgia. I have an interview for a job I really want but have looked at the salarys posted on , etc and I can't believe its as high as they are reporting. This is a for profit facility, 106 beds. Thank you!


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Specializes in mental health, military nursing. Has 8 years experience. has a way of inflating salaries a wee bit - they told me I should be making $70,000 a year for infection control in my area, and I make about $45,000.

What is your education level? Will you be forever on-call? How long have the last few DONs lasted? I would take all of those into account.


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Thanks for replies..I have a BSN and am enrolled in an MSN program. Nothing was mentioned about call as they have nursing supervisors who rotate that. The last DON was there a little over 6 years - no idea why she left.

I interviewed today. I really like the Administrator, her ideas and the facility itself. She did say she had others to interview but wanted to do by background check. She said she doesn't do drug screens until she makes an offer and its accepted. She said I would hear either way in a week - I hope its for the positive - it would be a great change for me.


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It sounds great for you; please let us know what you think of your job after you start if you are offered/accept the position. Being a DON is a position of great responsibility; it should be reimbursed in relation to the greater responsibility. Compared to a CEO of a hospital, you are probably not making much.

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Being a supervisor in a hospital would do little to prepare you for being a DNS in long term least in Massachusetts, the most regulated state in the country. I started at 78000 in a 120 bed facility...moved to a different town and was making 80000 at a 140 bed facility...moved again...88000 for a small facility mixed SNF and assisted and now I'm at a 120 bed facility making more than 100,000. All depends on the place, the going rates at other facilities. I live in the northeast where the cost of living is higher than in Georgia. I was offered a job in the Carolina's but the salary wasn't even 75000...let us know what happens.

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I live in a large, populous city in North Central Texas. The DON at the nursing home where I am employed earns a salary of $95,000 annually to manage a 130-bed facility that accepts Medicare and Medicaid.