Does the VA welcome New Grad's?


I am an LPN and am seriously thinking about applying to some Veterans hospitals/nursing homes.

Sometimes their ads say one year experience required. Can anyone tell me if the VA welcomes new grad


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A friend of mine who graduated in the same class as me in LVN school applied at the VA when he first got his license. 8 months later they finally called him in for an interview and he started the job about 6 weeks after that. He had been working in hospice in the interim so yes I think they do welcome new grads it's just the hiring process is complicated and drawn out.


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The VA like any government job can take a life time to get. I got a rejection letter nearly two years after I applied for an admissions jobs before I even went to nursing school, but you will always get a rejection letter.

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I was hired as a new grad BSN. I know that they are trying to get all nurses on the same playing field--all RN or CNA, no in between...but they are paying for the LPNs to go back to school. I would encourage you to go for it! Our med surg tele floor uses and loves our LPNs (but they have been there forever too). I don't know of any new grad LPNs at our facility.

You can't beat working for the VA though, the money/benefits are nice!


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I don't know about LVN's but I am a new grad RN, and I was just hired at the VA in West Roxbury, MA in a "Transitions" new grad program. So I'm not sure how they are about regular hires, but there are definitely opportunities!


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I was also just hired into the Transitions program. Does anyone have reviews of the work environment in this facility?