Why is the DC VAMCs payscale so low compared to Richmond VAMC and Hampton VAMC

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I've been thinking of moving to NOVA for a long time to work at the DC VAMC but over the years their pay scale has remained surprisingly low and about the same as that of Richmond and similar to Hampton. All three payscales are around the same. 

In general, I know as a rule VA federal payscales don't adjust much for locality, although in recent years after the RAISE Act, the West Coast VAs, Palo Alto and SF in psrticular, got a massive raise which they sorely needed but those VA jobs are hot potatoes now. If you look at NYC VAs and you do get a small adjustment of few 10ks, but looking at DC VAMC, why don't they get any locality boost?


I.e. a Nurse Grade II Step 4 base salary before differentials is:

Hampton: 107020

Richmond (Critical Care): 110039

DC: 109938

I know the night differential is/was higher at DC and is about 20% or more but I interviewed with them over a year ago and at that point they were thinking of phasing out the higher diff to the more standard diff of 10% for night shift. However, even with a slightly higher diff this does not come close to seeming like DC RNs get an appropriate adjustment in pay for their locality. Might anyone know a bit more about what I might be missing about the DC VAMC?

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