Veterans affairs.. time to call the union?

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I used to love my job.  Recently my coworker got a promotion, happy for her or course, but now I have 70% of her work to do in addition to my own.  Our work load in general has grown by 30% in the last 9 months.  I am really having trouble juggling it all, and they are telling me that the VA is not planning to backfill her job.  So this is IT.  I am considering leaving the VA, which is stupid because I have 2 years left to get my pension.  ( no matter how small)  I don't want to upset my manager by involving the union, but I am frequently overwhelmed, and always behind now and I hate that.  Thanks for advice! 

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Thanks for sharing. The extra workload seems to be the biggest concern. If you haven't already, I would recommend just sharing your concerns about the workload and your current situation to your supervisor. If you feel you need union support, by all means, invite them to the meeting with your supervisor. Remember, the important part is that your supervisor wants to retain you and not see you leave. Just open the conversation. 

good luck! 

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I was active duty Army RN and retired in 2023 after 20 years. At the 10 year mark I considered getting out, but now I am dang happy I pushed through and have my retirement.  I don't think quitting on impulse is really a great plan.  Yes...sometimes things are hard.  I had an end of career deployment I didn't expect.  Oh well.  It is up to you.  All I can say is for me I am very very happy I didn't quit.  Now I work maybe 16-24 hours a week and I am chilling . 

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