Does nursings affect meeting attentance?

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Jehovah's Witnesses: Do you miss a lot of meeting because of this profession?

I just want to know because i am perusing a nursing degree and wish to know how it will affect my meeting attendance in the future

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Well, that can greatly be affected by the nursing specialty in which you choose to work. It will also depend on facility and coworker flexibility. Have you taken time to discuss your concerns with your clergy person?

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Sorry I should have been more specific. I'm will be enrolling in a nursing program this September.I'm doing an associate s degree in basic general nursing so I wish I hear your answer based on this and when I become a licensed nurse

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Still depends on the field of nursing. While hard to find, there are positions that don't require every other weekend. Procedural areas come to mind, as well as ambulatory settings. Many acute settings do require staffing 24/7/365 and will require various shift and weekend hour variations.


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I am not J.W. But, I work in a hospital and we only work 3 days a week. I being unfamiliar with your faith, am not sure what days are your days of worship but, you cannot be denied employment based on religious backgrounds anywhere! So while every other weekend is mandatory, I do know some Christians that work every Saturday in order to be off on every Sunday so they can go to church, that satisfies their weekend committments. While it is no ones business what faith you prescribe to, usually if when interviewed/hired if you tell your manager "I'm very religious and I need to be able to attend services on..." Most try to work with you. Good luck in school! And there's many fields in nursing so I'm sure you will find a place that suits your professional desires as well as able to accomodate your spiritual needs.

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Are you required to attend these meetings or a certain number of them? I don't know how often you have your meetings. I am not JW but due to my nursing schedule, I have had to miss some Sunday morning services. Depending on your schedule you may have to miss some, but it would be hard for any of us to say how many you would miss.

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Hi, I am JW and at my place of employment, I am required to work every third weekend. My week meeting is on Wednesdays, which I schedule off. If for some reason I need to work, I attend another meeting. I do have to switch sometimes for conventions and such, but for the most part, I do get to attend my meetings and have time for field service. I love the flexibility and the ability to work 3-12's. So, go for it! :) Hope this helps!


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Stevo: I am a JW. Now that our Book Study meetings have been combined with the Ministry School and Service Meetings, it should be easier to negotiate to have that day off as your regular day off.

Weekends, unfortunately, are going to remain an issue. Depending on where you live, you could always go to a congregation that suits your schedule on your weekend to work.

It also depends on what area of nursing you work in once you graduate. As others have noted, certain settings don't require weekends at all, though those positions are often given to experienced nurses first.

It's good that you're thinking about this, but try not to worry too much; you're just getting started. Be sure to give it prayerful consideration.

I had to smile to myself when I saw the title of your thread. I knew it was from a fellow Witness. Best wishes, Brother.

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