Does it matter where you go for Nursing School?


Hello everyone, I am a recent graduate from Rutgers University with a B.S in Nutrition. Because of my low gpa and lack of job opportunities I decided to try the Accelerated B.S.N path and become a RN. Right now I am having a hard time choosing where to go. My main problems are money and location related. I live in NJ and am really looking to go to either NY or NJ since I am not traveling/moving just for a 12-15month school year.

Does it matter if you went to New Jersey City University or Columbia for an accelerated B.S.N degree?? Does it all depend on just your experience??

Right now I am taking Anatomy and Physiology I/II with lab at a community college along with a Phlebotomy Tech certification program to make myself more qualified.


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My nursing program (ADN) has a program set up with NJCU so we can complete our BSN if we choose to after we complete the ADN program. It's not as "known" but I wouldn't dismiss it as a terrible school.


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I am just wondering why it would matter where you went to school when in the end the RN license is what matters.... I do plan on getting a masters in the future so maybe going to a more prestigious college then would be a better idea??


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No I don't think it matters as long as your school has a decent reputation. Accreditation does matter so make sure your schools is appropriately accredited. And for personal benefits you should care about the NCLEX pass rate as well. But what matters most is that you are a nurse and there is a need for that.

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When I looked at my university, I was looking at the quality and local reputation of the program with hospitals and in the community, the ability to finish in a reasonable amount of time, and the NCLEX pass rates. The pass rates have improved

substantially the last few years due to higher standards and new faculty being hired.

I also looked at cost and accessibility. No sense in spending $50,000 on an ADN/ASN/BSN program

when you can pay far less than that. When I get out, I will have no debt attached, and that is a great feeling.

As far as I have heard, Columbia has one of the top ABSN programs in the country- applicants are posting

excellent GPAs and test scores. I would ask yourself if you are competitive for such a program, and also

work the next several years on getting your pre-req GPA up to that level.


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I am more specifically looking at NYU or NJCU or Seton hall University. This is based on my own academic standing and preferable locations. I am just torn at the fact that NYU is much more expensive/ reputable than new jersey schools and the fact that I would probably have to study more there than at NJCU or any less competitive schools. NYU is on the top lists of nursing schools, but at this point I just want to graduate with a high gpa, get an RN license, and get a stable job at a good hospital as an er nurse.

For instance would a graduate from NYU with a low gpa be better than a NJCU graduate with a high gpa?

Does gpa take precedence over the school attended??


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believe me...its the NCLEX result that counts in the long run. All schools aim to get their students to ace the NCLEX. Once you are licensed, no one will care about GPA or where your BSN, Diploma or ADN is from. WE all take the same exam to achieve the same licenses.

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The only time GPA might matter is when you're applying to grad school in nursing, and I heard oftentimes that

gets overlooked in favor of experience. For example, a clinical instructor who is also a great nurse with 10 years

of experience is probably not going to get passed over for a new grad with 1 year of floor experience for an MSN


No one looks at GPA when hiring new grads either, unless they're the elite new grad residencies. Only then I can

imagine GPA might be used as some sort of tiebreaker between the best candidates.

And colleges, state universities, etc., diploma one cares where your degree comes

from as long as you're competent on the floor and have RN after your name.

All nursing programs are hard as $H!t for the students going through them, and all require lots of work. You're going

to have to study and make it your top priority in your life. I don't find the work itself exceedingly difficult to do or understand,

but the sheer volume of material covered, the crazy hours for clinicals, and the amount of papers and projects will kill you.


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It doesn't matter where you go to school for nursing, but make sure that the school's nursing program is accredited.


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I'm from NJ, and I would look into County College of Morris. VERY good program, and extremely affordable. It's all about passing the NCLEX, no one really cares where you go as long as it's accredited and later on your can look in graduate programs at a more prestigious school. I started at CCM before I moved to Nashville. Great program!!!


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I go to what some would call a small community college in Pa. But last year our program went against other major universities such as Drexel, Pitt, Duquesne etc and we were top in the state. Just because its a huge university with expensive tuition does not mean you are going into the best program.