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  1. Hello everone! I have a B.S in nutrition dietetics options from Rutgers University and I am currently taking AP I/II at community college and am sure I will get an A in both (I took physiology in the past). I got a C in Statistics, a B in Microbiology from community college, B in Nutrition and Health, A in Psych, and B in chem. I am also going to be a certified Phlebotomist before I apply for the ABSN for the Sept 2013 fall year. My overall gpa for my b.s degree is a 2.94 I am not sure if taking API/II and psych at community college will help raise that gpa... I have volunteer experience in a hospital and I am also planning on doing some hospice work. Overall am I a good candidate or am I out of my league?? I specifically want to go to NYU or any NJ program since I am from NJ...
  2. minal3890

    I got a job!!

    Congrats! I love the positivity :)
  3. minal3890

    Does it matter where you go for Nursing School?

    I am more specifically looking at NYU or NJCU or Seton hall University. This is based on my own academic standing and preferable locations. I am just torn at the fact that NYU is much more expensive/ reputable than new jersey schools and the fact that I would probably have to study more there than at NJCU or any less competitive schools. NYU is on the top lists of nursing schools, but at this point I just want to graduate with a high gpa, get an RN license, and get a stable job at a good hospital as an er nurse. For instance would a graduate from NYU with a low gpa be better than a NJCU graduate with a high gpa? Does gpa take precedence over the school attended??
  4. minal3890

    Does it matter where you go for Nursing School?

    I am just wondering why it would matter where you went to school when in the end the RN license is what matters.... I do plan on getting a masters in the future so maybe going to a more prestigious college then would be a better idea??
  5. Hello everyone, I am a recent graduate from Rutgers University with a B.S in Nutrition. Because of my low gpa and lack of job opportunities I decided to try the Accelerated B.S.N path and become a RN. Right now I am having a hard time choosing where to go. My main problems are money and location related. I live in NJ and am really looking to go to either NY or NJ since I am not traveling/moving just for a 12-15month school year. Does it matter if you went to New Jersey City University or Columbia for an accelerated B.S.N degree?? Does it all depend on just your experience?? Right now I am taking Anatomy and Physiology I/II with lab at a community college along with a Phlebotomy Tech certification program to make myself more qualified.