Does it matter when you apply to take the Nclex?

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Does it matter WHEN you apply to take the Nclex? I have my nursing diploma but I cannot apply to take the Nclex right now, it may be a few years before I can actually take it, is there any time prohibitions on Nclex?

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There is a limit as to how long you can wait to test after you graduate and not be required to take refresher classes. Im not sure what that limit is but, you should investigate it now. But why wouldnt you go ahead and take the test and get it over with while the material is still fresh in your mind. In a couple years you will be lucky to pass it. I dont mean to be nosey, but its one day. Take it now and get it done.

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The time limit is 1 year after the day you graduate.


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Thank you for your reply meownsmile. Does anyone know where I can find out about the limit for nclex? ( I am just in a very unfortunate situation right now and even though i would love to take the test immediately, I just can't right now. :crying2: :crying2: :crying2: :crying2:)


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The time limit is 1 year after the day you graduate.

So what happens after that 1 year. Are you automatically disqualified from taking the exam, or do you have to take a refresher class like meownsmile said?


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Once you REGISTER for the NCLEX test, pay the $200, etc you have 1 year to schedule and take your test

If you don't take it in that one year you forfeit your $200 and I believe you have to be re-authorized to take it again. (Send in your photo, fingerprints, etc all over again).

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