Does Every Nursing School Require The Pax? Even Diploma Programs?

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Hi. I am planning on entering a nursing program in the fall. So far I haven't seen anything about taking a PAX test until a nusing school friend of mine told me she had to take it! She is going for her associates degree onto bachelors onto RN, whereas, I am going for a 2 year diploma program at the christ hospital school of nursing in cincinnati to become an LPN or RN. Do you think I still need this test? Is it a requirement? I would gratly appriciate an answer! Thanks:confused:

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Different schools require different entrance things...some seems happy with just having the non-nursing courses done, some want a test. I had to take an entrance test that was one my school created. They then switched to the HOBET. Check with the school you are interested in to see what they require.


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I don't think it is required at every school, since I've never even heard of it...:chuckle


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What are these tests? PAX HOBET


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I dont know what these tests are. I am in a BSN program...

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I have looked into 3 different programs (2 in Georgia 1 in Michigan) None of them required these tests. Just certain SAT/ACT scores, GPA, and pre-reqs. ;)

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A million years ago when I went to nursing school, they required us to take a pre-entrance exam that I suppose told them if we were nurse material or not. One of my friends and I took it at the same time, I just remember one question being something about where does energy in your body come from... breakdown of chemical bonds, vitamins and I don't remember what else, all I know is I chose the right answer and she didn't. She picked the vitamin answer and she wasn't admitted to the shcool and I was. As for the acronymns in previous posts, I don't know what PAX or any other ones stand for, perhaps we could refer this to Acronymity? lol :)

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HOBET stands for Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test. I don't know why some areas seem to have entrance exams and others don't though...unless perhaps it has something to do with the BON for that state? I know my school has tried many things to cut down on the number of people they admit that don't end up graduating, perhaps the tests are part of that for the places that do it?


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PAX stands for Pre-Admission Examination...

I had to take one for my school (I passed!), but not all the nursing schools in my area require them. I think they use them because the waiting lists are so darn long...only 38 out of about 200 people passed out of the group that I took the test feel lucky if you don't need to take it!

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Yes, I had to take one for admission to my ADN program. Not the PAX. We had to take the NLN (National League for Nursing)preadmission exam. Now I have to take another one... a post admission entrance exam, the NET (Nurse Entrance Test).

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I'm in a BSN program and I've never heard of it.


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My BSN program didn't have entrance tests, but my local cc's RN program has something - not sure if it's called PAX or not.

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