Does anyone know of an online school that CA accepts?


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Many have chosen to 'challenge' the LVN if they qualify. You basically get credit for school/experience and essentially can sit for the board. This method not only increase options in various LVN-RN programs, but you would also to be able to 'skip' the first year of an RN program.:idea: This option is on the California Board of Vocational Nursing site under Method 3, check it out...


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California State University Dominquez Hills has an excellent BSN online program which is NLN approved. You will need to do an actual clinical which can be done in a hospital of your choice. I received my MSN from CSDU. I did the online program and did my practicuum in my local area. I had a very positive experience and highly recommend the online program. Check out: for specific information.

Good luck.


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Regents is accepted by CA BON if they are still doing it, which I believe they are. You do clinical rotations in San Fran...thats who they contracted with, not sure which hospital. I have heard that these nurses really struggle during preceptorship into new job.

Real expensive!

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University of San Diego has an accelerated MSN if you already have a Masters.

And all the community colleges in San Diego now have a 3 year waiting list. Used to be 2.

I thought the LVN to RN programs were less waiting. Like one year. Am I wrong?

Maric College in San Diego has an RN program in addition to their LVN progam with little or no wait. But they are expensive like National. But you are in the RN program for only 18 months after all pre-req's are done.

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I checked out Sonoma State and they no longer have the LVN to BSN program. Here is what their website says:


As of Fall 2007, Sonoma State University Department of Nursing no longer offers an LVN-BSN Program. However, by state regulation, the "LVN-30 unit option" continues to be available on a "as space is available" basis for clinical and didactic coursework. Please contact Dr. Liz Close at for information about the 30-unit option at Sonoma State.

LVN's interested in an LVN-BSN program are encouraged to contact the Indiana State University LVN-BSN program offered in California through a state approved partnership with SSU. Students will be graduates of Indiana State University.


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I just graduated from LVN program. I'm taking my classes online for LVN-BSN program at They are accredited in california, and I will get my degree in University State of Indiana. The clinicals will not be done online, you will have to go a clinical site to do that. They will provide me an instructor for me there, and I have to pay them 200 bucks for my whole clinical hours.

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ari I had heard that in CA you could not do an online LVN to RN or BSN. Perhaps I'm wrong but that was my impression by reading posts here at allnurses some time ago. You said you are going thru college net why not just go directly thru Indiana State University? Just wondering.

Has anyone here completed an online LVN -RN or BSN program in CA with no problems?


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Does anyone know if Walden University (online MSN program) is accepted in CA?????

Why would an MSN degree from Walden University NOT be accepted in California? To be accepted in Walden's MSN program you can have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing-BSN, a hospital diploma, Associate’s Degree in Nursing-ADN, or other bachelor’s degree. Presumably, you are already working as an RN in California. If you are not, then Suzanne's sticky would be appropriate:

"Wishing to work in California, from another state"


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hey faeriewand, they are accredited in california. i wanted to do online because it's flexible for me. there is no way i can be able to do school and work. i loved to go to indiana state university if i don't have to work and just focus on my studyes, i need to pay bills you know =). a lot of fears about online courses, but you have to call the california nursing board if they are accredited. which they are. check here ------>

As a nursing student in an ADN program in California - I can tell you that every on-line BSN program that I have contacted wants us to licensed RNs before they will even look at us! ADN not necessary - just RN licensure. Pay scale for the same position does not change due to degree standing. A BSN or MSN will, however make you much more attractive for management positions. I have seen a few programs from on-line universities which will get you your BSN entirely on-line after you have your RN. You just can't learn the hands-on skills without using yoru hands and interacting with others - - the support of my fellow students has been invaluable!


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I know a lot of girls in my prerequisite sciences at National U in San Diego who are applying to this OU program. I can't apply because I do not yet have a bachelor's.

I dont exactly agree with the format of "online" training for nursing students with zero experience. I understand they will have on site clinicals, but this seems very irresponsible. How can these students expect to show up to clinicals without formal instruction and test outs?


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I totally understand how you feel! I tired to get into every nursing school in california but had no luck!

You might want to check into schools in Oklahoma, most of the schools have no waiting list. I am currently going to a school in oklahoma and will be graduating in two weeks! Even though Ok is not a fancy place, you can get into a program soon...I know, I really didnt answer your question, but thought might benefit from this some way!!


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