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  1. First, I am so sorry you are going through this experience. I understand your reaction towards the healthcare profession and yet where did you turn but here on this site to other nurses. I'm sure in your heart you realize most of us are caring, conscientous nurses and would be concerned about your plight. I hope at some point instead of loosing the sisterhood of nursing you will be able to reenter the profession to make the living you need and have the comraderie of fellow nurses. Since being in mainstream healthcare may not what you can deal with right now, how about being a telephone advice nurse. Many hospials/organizations have a great need for telephone advice nurses. I was also a young widow with two children and working as a nurse was pretty much what kept me sane. Working in general, was what I needed to turn my focus out rather than in. Everyone griefs differently and has different needs so I realize what worked for me may not work for you. I do hope you find something to engage in that will help you to move forward. Take care and I hope you find a healing pathway soon.
  2. NEC1

    SO.CAL Kaiser Nurses: What is Kaiser Like?

    I am truly sorry that you have had bad experiences with Kaiser. I work and have been a pt. at Kaiser San Diego and have had positive experiences. I hope you have found a good place to work and receive care. NEC1
  3. NEC1

    Thoughts on Maric College?

    Jim, you would do better going elsewhere, especially if you are considering a BSN. Good luck.
  4. NEC1

    Grossmont Community College

    Unfortunately, this is typical not just in San Diego but across the country. I am a nursing instructor part-time in addition to my full-time job as a nurse educator for a hospital. I could not afford to take the 50% pay cut to teach in an academic program. The reason there is such a long wait to get into a nursing program is the shortage of faculty. Until the American public values educators in the academic setting and is willing to give them salaries that are commensurate with their advanced degrees (not to mention a living wage) there will continue to be a shortage of faculty and as a result an increasing shortage of nurses. Write your Congressman and govenor. This is probably more than you wanted to hear but it is something that needs to be brought to everyone's attention. Make the most of your wait taking other courses and hang in, we need you
  5. I understand your concern but you would be suprized how much more support you get from your classmates online. Also, it's not just "chats". You meet with your classmates and instructor online in a virtual classroom. We were also assigned to small study groups that met together online. No you don't see each other but the bonding is amazingly quick and sustaining. Online learning isn't for everyone but there are many advantages for those who do make the transition from traditional classroom to online learning. Just thought I would present another perspective. I respect whatever works for each individual.
  6. California State University Dominquez Hills has an excellent BSN online program which is NLN approved. You will need to do an actual clinical which can be done in a hospital of your choice. I received my MSN from CSDU. I did the online program and did my practicuum in my local area. I had a very positive experience and highly recommend the online program. Check out: www.CSUDH.edu for specific information. Good luck.
  7. NEC1

    SO.CAL Kaiser Nurses: What is Kaiser Like?

    I have worked for Southern CA. Kaiser for 28 years. I have stayed that long because I am proud of our system of care. I have had the opportunity to work in different specilaties and progressive levels. We are paid well, the patient ratio is 5:1 on Med-Surg, the benefits are better than most organizations. There are many educational/benefit opportunities. Kaiser is unionized and we also have a Labor-Management Partnership. This means an opportunity to have a voice in your nursing practice. Also, if you leave one Kaiser and go to another (even in another state) you take your seniority with you. No organization is perfect but overall Kaiser Permanente is a good place to work. Good luck in your career.