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Does anyone know if a misdemeanor prevents me from getting into a nursing program?

Does anyone know if have a misdemeanor prevent me from getting in a nursing program

I would contact the school your thinking about attending.

I agree, I would ask someone in the Nursing Department at the school you plan to apply to. I know they will do a Law Enforcement background check, and I am pretty sure it will show up on there, esspecially if you have an arrest. I could be wrong, so someone please correct me if needed.

I did read however, that they say you cannot be issued a Lisence with a felony. Be sure to ask about this. I have heard tales of students going through school, and then told they cannot sit for their NCLEX. ASK tons of questions!



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I'm in an LPN program right now and you can't take boards with a felony. In fact most schools won't even let you in with a felony. However, if it is just a misdemeanor, it has to be expunged (?) If that is spelled correctly. I know of one girl whose paperwork was held over a parking ticket until it was cleared off her record. I would check with your school to be sure though.

more important to find out is whether u can take nclex. u can google nclex application and it asks questions about backgrounds.

I had one and I got into BSN school in IL

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Depends on the school--they'll do their background check and its their decision as to whether they'll accept you.

The greater concern is that even if the school accepts you, that doesn't automatically rubber-stamp approval with the BON: they're going to request information regarding your criminal history and make up their own mind about granting you a license. You could always drop your BON an e-mail (anonymous if you prefer) and ask...however, most BONs will not give you a definite answer until you actually apply for the NCLEX, because they decide each on a case-by-case basis.

This means that whether you should go to nursing school will require a bit of a gamble on your part. Generally, misdemeanors fare better than felonies do, but that's no guarantee. And as always, the final decision regarding licensure rests with the BON.

Best of luck whatever you decide.


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