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Does Anyone Know Anything About Nix Hospital In San Anotonio?


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I'm thinking about relocating to Texas in the San Antonio area. Does anyone know anything about Nix Hospital? What was your experience there? Also, can you tell me about San Antonio? Any Advice about the area like culture, places to live and so forth. Thank You!!!!!!

Hi I am replying since no one else has. I really don't know anything specific about "the nix" except it is right down town in a beautiful old hospital. Seems sort of exclusive. As far as San Antonio, I love it, have been here for about 1.5 years; lived in Austin prior to that and also loved it. I don't know where your coming from, but bear in mind the summers are pretty brutal (this last one we had I believe 4 straight months over 100 degrees) but it is worth it to me. There is tons of opportunity, the people are friendly and right now we appear to be one of the few places in the U.S. where the population are still optimistic. Lots to do, tons of shopping and beautiful parks & rivers, waterparks, restaurants, etc. Depending on your age (no offense to anyone intended) Austin seems more geared to the younger set and San Antonio to the more mature crowd-just my humble opinion. Good Luck!


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Thanks. I'm going to post this question on the general area.


Specializes in Ortho and Tele med/surg.

I'm thinking about relocating to Texas in the San Antonio area. Does anyone know anything about Nix Hospital?

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sorry i cant help you out, but i am interested to see what the nursing field is like in Tx. here in L.A. it slowing down and it hard for a new grad (RN) to find work. good luck to you

My father was the pharmacy director for downtown Nix for a short period. When I was moving to San Antonio he really pushed for me to give the hospital a shot stating that it is a very unique place to work. He seemed to enjoy it and as a Pharm D. for over 20 years had lots of experience in many hospitals and that was one of the few he recommended. I, however, made the decision to go to pediatric home health while attending school full time. I am in aggreement with the others in that San Antonio is an awesome place to live.

I am a nurse at the Nix Hospital. It is indeed a unique place to work. It is a small hospital, there are only two floors - Tele/Med/Surg and Ortho/Med/Surg, on the 18th and 19th floor, run by a wonderful Director, who is strict and demanding but will stick her neck out for you if the need be. She strives to create a cohesive team of nurses and I must say she is succeding. Right now we all like each other and there is not a nurse I work with who I would not trust to help me when I need help.

There are no Peds, no OB. We get a lot of geriatric patients as we work with the UT geriatric group. The Nix has a reputation for weight loss surgery, so we get a lot of lap band patients and an occasional gastric bypass. They are easy to care for and most of the time are D/Cd the next day. The patient turnover is fast, the doctors are great and really work with you, especially our hospitalists.

Oh, and the Nix pays more than most places in town :)

Just a chuckle,...I was born there 56+ years ago. I didn't know it was still there! Good luck! There are many nice places to live, just ask around. As noted before, there are many nice parks, shopping areas, and people are generally nice!