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  1. Teacher First

    Has anyone attended the Wharton Jr. Community College RN Program (WCJC)?

  2. Teacher First

    Looking into RN programs at Wcjc sugarland, any info?

  3. Teacher First

    Any insight on Centura?

    Argo, are you currently working in Vail? I have often dreamed of working there....would love to work there in the summer! Do you know if they have "seasonal" positions?
  4. Teacher First

    Nurse has only missed 1 day of work in 65 years

    Yep, she is probably a nurse. The older of us would help someone in the parking lot. The younger have been scared into believing that they will have their butts sued off if they step in to help, and watch safely from inside the hospital doors and call 911! I'm not saying that they have to help, and I understand their fear, I'm just sayin' Kudos to her for working in whatever capacity at her age. It is refreshing to see someone still left with dedication in their soul as opposed to those who would call in "because that is what the time is there for."
  5. Teacher First

    Patient 'found' my number on the internet...

    I am more disturbed by the OP's reaction than I am to the patient calling him. I think you need to get a grip, and learn to manage your own emotional response to such situations. I would not want you for my nurse if you are not able to control yourself professionally in a stressful situation. There have been many replies that have offered very professional responses to this situation, I hope you take them to heart.
  6. Teacher First

    Does Anyone Know Anything About Nix Hospital In San Anotonio?

    Just a chuckle,...I was born there 56+ years ago. I didn't know it was still there! Good luck! There are many nice places to live, just ask around. As noted before, there are many nice parks, shopping areas, and people are generally nice!
  7. Teacher First

    Friedman Assessment Model (anyone have the long form)

    Oh I hated this assignment!! Our teachers did not help at all with this, I had to search like crazy to find it. I have been a teacher for 27 years and I have never left a student "hanging" to find a resource. I won't do the work for them, but I certainly have no problem telling them how to find the information. Now that that vent is made....I finally found the long form by searching library databases, and found the book by Friedman on Family Assessment. I don't have access to the citation at this minute, but if I find it I will share it! Good luck!
  8. Teacher First

    help me with answers to test

    I agree that if we give you the answers you will be less likely to read the rationale that goes along with gaining the knowledge. Looking up the information not only will garner the answer but also help you learn how to find answers to questions in the future. The suggestion to google the information is a good one, as is looking in a good text or NCLEX review book. These particular questions are relatively basic knowledge, and it should not be difficult to find the answers. Good luck!
  9. Teacher First

    TWU Houston NP Program

    My Master's degree was a pilot project that they did back in 1988 in Family with education track, no advanced practice for me at that time (it was available, I just didn't think I would ever use it, HA HA!) Times have changed! Everyone has a different opinion about experience, I happen to be one who thinks a few years experience is helpful. That being said, there are others who believe that one can go directly into an APRN role with no experience. I suppose only you know what your strengths are, and if you will rise to meet the challenge. Good luck with your decision!
  10. Teacher First

    TWU Houston NP Program

    I completed a post master's program for FNP from TWU, and thought I was well prepared. Of course, I am the type who works myself silly to do well wherever I am. I think that most of the time one takes away as much as one puts in. It is a good program. Good luck! Oh, you put in about 630 clincal hours, and you are expected to try to find your own preceptors. They will help you find clinical sites if you have a problem.
  11. Teacher First

    Question about post CVA and blood pressure

    oops, patients
  12. Teacher First

    Question about post CVA and blood pressure

    I found the following which may be helpful, and it shows the rationale for taking BP in the nonaffected arm of stroke patints. http://www.anesthesia-analgesia.org/content/82/2/437.2.full.pdf
  13. Teacher First

    I work with a DUMB nurse!

    I am not as concerned about the person's crazy stories as I am about the unsafe care she gives, and the perceived incompetence. Document as was noted by someone else on here, and follow the chain of command in your facility for reporting unsafe behavior. In the Texas NPA there is "duty to report" another nurse who is violating the standards of practice, reporting to a nursing peer review committee is acceptable to meet this requirement. I don't know what state you are in, but it would be to the good of the public if you checked on it! I always think...."would I want that person taking care of my most beloved family?"
  14. Teacher First

    RN-MSN, and then NP-post cert, or?

    Just a thought. I earned my MS many years ago. I could have taken the NP route at that time, but didn't think I would use it. It took 36 semester hours to complete the MS. Fast forward 30 years, I went back for post-Master's certification, and I was required to take 32 semester hours for now a total of 68 hours. At present, the others in my classes who were taking the MS with NP completed a total of 42 hours.
  15. Teacher First

    kind of a personal question but....

    I totally agree with cmonkey! Check out Dave Ramsey's website, and do not go into debt while trying to get out of debt, that is just crazy!
  16. Teacher First

    PICC workshop info needed

    Try this site http://www.pncnurse.com/ although it says they only put on PICC line certification programs for hospitals. Maybe you could get your hospital to arrange for training. Or you could check with your education department to see if they know of resources in your area.