Does anyone ever use the Live Chat Room???

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I would really like to chat.... since I am down with pneumonia and am not well, I am very bored and want to "chat"... I never see anyone in the chat room...Does anyone like or want to chat instead of posting all the time???

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I go in there if I have time...and have chatted with some great folks! Trick is to be patient, open it in another window and listen for the 'bing' when someone comes in! So I surf the forums till someone comes on!

Yeah, when I am in person shows up, then all the sudden we get more! I have been trying to get on there more often, but I have to wait till I have a day off to use it, because we get talking quite a bit and I don't want to leave! LOL!~

Hope to see you in there, good luck with your recovery!


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OK so I feel somewhat stupid... how do I get into chat? I used to have a click option for it but now I don't see it ANYWHERE! Where is it?


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Scroll to the very top of the webiste page.

Across the top you will see several links (below your browser's toolbar).

The link to Live Chat is up there.


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I know I know I know! That's where it USED to be! For some reason it's not there anymore! I'm so bummed!


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i go in there quite often and chat. i chat to many people. i also think its the time you go in. you have to remember the time difference too. I go in when its roughly tea time here or lateish and i talk mainly to people living in US as it tends to be morning or early dinner time there. Enjoy and have fun :)

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I go to the chat room also - I work either days/evenings but I go to school online - so when I'm playing hookey - I stop in there.

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