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miranda819, BSN

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Not with my co-workers, management might lay it on a little thick when they call you up and beg you to take an extra shift, but my co-workers actually called me a 'sucker' when I worked an extra shift. Sure, they were happy for the help, but thought I was crazy for coming in extra.


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Some of my co-workers bad mouth people who work open shifts and leave no overtime ones for them. They seem to resent per diems (until they need them to work for them)

That is a nice problem to have!

jadelpn, LPN, EMT-B

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Eh, per diems are just that--coming in when they can. Have heard just "it must be nice to just work now and then" but aimed more toward being in a place in life where one only "needs" to work now and again. Interestingly, most of the per diems in my facility have other full time jobs.

And yes, it is management who calls when they are "desperate" for nurses, practically begging. In that instance, please by all means hire some more nurses --so we don't get called every other day off. As a new twist on things as of late-- they have instituted a float thing, where if a unit is "not that busy" other nurses get pulled to different busier units, as new hires are oriented to every place they can float to, hence avoiding overtime.

Seems like the ones complaining are also the ones who take the most overtime. With a huge paycheck. If that went away, then they would be complaining that they can't get it anymore.

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At my job, they tell us we may need to come in on our days off to get training for certain procedures. I'm sorry, but I'm full time and my days off are just that - OFF days. If they can't find time to train me when I'm scheduled, I guess they must not want me trained that badly. I'm protective of my outside of work life and I'm not going to apologize for that. So yes, OP, I hear you.


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Bad management leads to toxic work environments and no sense of TEAM which results in powerless and angry staff who will back stab, gossip, and disrespect their co-workers.

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