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Do pregnant nurses tend to go into labor earlier than most?


In your experience working with nurses or as a formerly pregnant nurse yourself, do you find that nurses go into labor earlier than expected? Two nurses on my unit recently both went into labor and delivered about a month earlier than their due dates. I'm wondering if nurses are just more prone to preterm labor and deliver because we are on our feet a lot? I'm pregnant with my first baby and am hoping to last as long as I can, but so far I've noticed that nurses deliver earlier than anticipated. Your feedback is greatly appreciated :)


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I didn't. I was induced and gave birth on my due date because of my gestational diabetes.

Elvish, BSN, DNP, RN, NP

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I wouldn't say so. I work with a lot of nurses and am a mother/baby nurse so have a fair number of nurses as patients. Most folks deliver around their due dates. :) Now, not getting enough hydration can cause preterm contractions, but resting and hydrating helps avoid that. And most of the nurses I've worked with personally have worked right up to their due date.

mamamerlee, LPN

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Many women work on their feet all day - waitresses, cashiers, sales clerks, etc.

I think it was just a coincidence. I worked until less than 2 weeks prior to my due dates, and have known others who worked as long as they could, or even went into labor while on duty!

I agree w/Elvish - get as much rest as you can, and stay hydrated. BEST WISHES !!!!


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Not on my unit! Seems like most of my coworkers have been induced because they were going too long!


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I went early with my first. She was around 36 weeks. I worked med/surg on night shift.

With my second, I worked evenings, med/surg, and made it to 2 days shy of 40 weeks.

I am currently pregnant with my third, working both med/surg and psych. I plan on dropping the med/surg job this time. I have a hard time staying hydrated due to hyperemesis, so I really don't want the extra stress and no time to sit down. I am putting my health/baby's health first this time, I don't want a repeat of my first time!

Up2nogood RN, RN

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My first was born at 37 weeks so I thought my 2nd would be a breeze and be early too. I went on leave at 37 weeks since I was already dilated to 3cm. Delivered her at 42 weeks. The most longest 5 weeks of my life.