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So I am a single mom of a 3 year old. I have saved up a decent amount of money to get me through the year. I applied for a student loan to bridge the gap but I got a response from my school that makes me think they don't like for students to have loans.

So obviously I am thinking of picking up a part time job. I was wondering does anyone work 3rd shift. I was think maybe a shift from 8-2 would be ok a couple of days a week. This way I could study during the day and spend the evenings and weekend days I can spend with my son like I do now with my day job.

Does anyone have this type of schedule or am I kidding myself. :cry:


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what's what they said on the letter about you getting a loan? why would they care if you get a loan the loan will be under your name not theirs, you'll be the one paying it back not them, i don't see how they care if any student has a loan or two out there. if you don't want to go through the school for a loan go to a bank and get a student loan at a bank and the school will never know if that's the case. sounds dumb to me for the school to tell you that.

keep us posted. . .


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Well I have to go in on friday and fill out a loan request after my orientation. But the loan I applied for through sallie mae they said they would not certify even though all sallie mae needs is my education expenses and my enrollment status. They said I have to request that through them and they would decide if am eligible. I just didn't get a good feeling about it so I am making arrangements just in case. But I will keep you updated.


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is it a stafford loan? if that's the case, the person that talked to you might have had a bad day that day, but all the requirements they need is to know for sure that you are currently at least enrolled or will be enrolled in 6 credit hours at your school. that's the way they do it, the school has to verify your enrollment then they'll submit your request and they'll let you know the amount you've been approved for, if it's too much, you can always ask to be lowered. the amount depends on the credit hours you are or will be enrolled for. so if you're going to be a full time student than they'll give you a big amount vs. less hours than that. hope this helps.

this past semester i was enrolled in 10 credit hours at my community college and i was approved for 2581.


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I worked a full time night shift job throughout school. It is doable but of course not the best of all possibilities. I also worked a second job most of the time. A person is tired all the time from this. You can become seriously ill because of your decreased immune status due to your fatigue. Do everything to get those loans so that your workload is as manageable as possible. Good luck.


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Where I work there are several nursing students working 3rd shift as techs. Most of them work weekends only (we do 12 hour shifts). I'm not sure how much luck you would have getting an "8-2" shift -- is that a standard shift in your area? Most facilities do 8 or 12 hour shifts.


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I'd much rather work 2nd shift during school than 3rd. What I did was work on weekends and on days when I wasn't in class, but I didn't work full time unless it was on summer break. And 8-2 does sound a bit odd for a 3rd shift. I'm used to 11-7, but I've heard of 12 hour shifts such as 3-3 or 6-6 so anything is possible.


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I was thinking outside of a hospital. Maybe at a walmart or ups something like that. I know in my state I couldn't work as a student nurse or challenge the cna exam until my first semester is done.. This is why i was looking into non hospital jobs for now. And if I work second shift, and go to school in the day I would feel like I never see my son. I dunno, thanks for the input.

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