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Do nursing boards send you an approval?


When you submit an NCLEX-RN to a state board, do they normally respond with a "Yes, you can sit for exam," or "No, for such reason..."?

Or, do you just wait for the ATT? Once you apply to the board, the fee is non-refundable, right?

I am in MA, they don't send a letter confirming that you are ok to take the test. As long as you pay the fee ($75 in MA), I am assuming that you can go ahead to register on pearsonvue and then wait for your ATT. Yes, the fee is non-refundable.


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In Michigan, you just apply to the board, and provided that you're signed up and ready at PearsonVue, they will email the ATT when everything has gone through. I actually DID get a letter from the BON though, saying everything was a'ok, but it came after I had already gotten my ATT. :)

I'm just concerned because it will be about 8 years since I've graduated and just now retesting after failing once in '00. That's how bad my confidence was shot!!

Anyways, I looked into several boards because I'm also currently living in Japan. Every board has their own rules with testing limits or year limits, some require refresher courses, others don't etc...etc. I have narrowed my choices down to a few boards but most of them didn't say whether they sent approvals or not. So my concern was paying the Tokyo Pearson Vue center the $350 to test (because it's international) and not actually being approved by a nursing board to sit for the exam. Make any sense?!

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