Do some kids ever just IRK you ?


i love all the kids in my school. every morning before i go to work i pray to god that he may touch each and every one of the kids and keep them safe and bless me to act as a prudent person would in an emergency.

every child at my school has a special place in my heart. however, there is one little boy who for some reason that irks me so much. its like our personality clashes. i always treat him the same as any other kid, he knows me as being very nice to him... but deep down inside i get irked by him.

i feel guilty for feeling like this. has anyone else ever been irked by a student ? or is it just me ? :crying2::crying2::crying2:

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Been there, done that. Happens to the best of us. Sometimes your personalities just do NOT mesh. Hang in there, you're a good nurse. You're not the only one it ever happened to.

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All the time. Same student. I see him at least once or twice a week. He has some chronic medical problems, and has an awful home life (my first CPS referral was for him). I listen, make sure there isn't any new abuse/bruising that needs to be reported, we talk, calm him down, send him back to class.

It's always the same complaint, and he doesn't understand that I don't have x-ray or CT goggles, I can't diagnosis you, I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WRONG!!!

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yes, i have a few kids who make me nuts ! :banghead:

they are the ones who's parents want to be called for every little hair out of place ! they want everything to be a serious 911 ! even if it is minor. they suck the life out of me ! :bluecry1:

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I have 1,000 kids in my school. I don't think it is possible to like 1,000 randomly selected people!!:chuckle At least we don't have to live with them or see them over the summer. And we can be glad when they graduate and move on-when I worked in the nursing home the only way we could get rid of the ones we didn't like was if they DIED:sofahider At least you don't feel guilty hoping they'll graduate soon. (and no, I didn't really wish for my nursing home patients to die-just making an extreme example, please don't flame me)

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