Do I have to include jobs I quit without notice?

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Dear Quit Without Notice,

Giving notice when quitting is a professional expectation, but it is not a legal requirement unless you work under an employment contract.  

Likewise, omitting information on an application is typically not illegal, but there can be ramifications. Job applications often ask for your 10 year employment history. Read the instructions carefully.

It's important to present yourself favourably, yes, but it's also important to be honest. 

Most job applications include a warning that misrepresentation (including omissions) on an application is grounds for termination. You may be fired, or your application may be rejected, but you will not be legally charged. How likely is it that it will be discovered? Not highly likely, but the consequences are serious if it does happen.

Your options are to come clean and be prepared to explain the brief tenure as best as possible or omit the information and risk discovery at a later date.

If you are asked to explain the short-lived job, do not cast blame on the employer.

Best wishes, my friend,

Nurse Beth