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Do you huddle?

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I have been tasked with the job of finding out the best way to get information from management to each nurse. We used to do two huddles a day to hit up all the different shifts. This fell by the wayside as the 7pm huddle never happened due to the census in the ER. How does everyone communicate in their ER?

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huddle at every shift - 630, 1030, 1430, 1830

We used to get beers after work...not the same thing?


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Depends. What information are you trying to make stick?

Before each shift in the break room. 6:45 is our clock in time, 7:00 on the floor. Shift assignments and other news is given at this time. Mid shifters are supposed to go to the evening one, but many times are too busy to make it, but all huddle news is also e-mailed as well as in the charge nurse binder for anyone to look at. Really important stuff management usually makes rounds during the shift to talk to each nurse.

We used to get beers after work...not the same thing?

No, but it's a way better idea!


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We huddle as a group before every shift. We have to clock in at 0630/1830 and our charge nurse comes in the room we meet in around 0635/1835 every morning and gives us all the stuff we need to know then passes out the assignment sheet. We are usually on the floor by 0645 unless we have an in-service or something like that.

We have a 12-12 shift and a 3p-3a shift and the charge nurse goes in for each of those huddles too.

Other departments in the hospital don't meet until 0645 so we were kind of grumbling about that when we first started doing this 10 years or so ago but I find that I actually enjoy that 10 minutes or so to get in work mode and kind of catch up with my co-workers. We work in 2 different crews (basically) with some overlap so it is a great way to get info disseminated amongst the masses. We have a LOT of staff!


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'Huddle', is what we used to call nursing report. Typically 30 minutes before you take the unit / floor from the off-going shift. When a young nurse and working Med-Surg, the previous shift charge nurse gave us report based on the information provided by her nurses, while these nurses watched and maintained the floor as she was doing so. The charge nurses also made rounds of the unit and if things were not satisfactory, the on-coming charge had the right not accept it until things were squared away. This meant everyone getting ready to leave had to stay until released. After this has happened to you once or twice, you do your best to insure it doesnt become the norm.