Do you have the guts to post your resume on here? Plus I need to see what a real 1 is

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I would really like if you all can share your resumes.. edit your personal information because I really want to see a good example of someone who created one and what a real outstanding resume is supposed to look like. I've seen examples, but actual people who have created their resumes from scratch..... It would be an honor if you could do that.... I don't know where to start.. It can be examples of an entry level. Also, please post ones that actually got you the job and was impressive to the boss or hiring managers. Thanks

If your's is the best than just post it... Come on don't be scared lol lol

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My suggestion is for you to get professional help in creating your resume. If you want to see examples of resumes, you can use google for that, however if you need assistance in creating a resume that will help you stand out and be more of what an employer wants, you will need to highlight YOUR key qualities. You mentioned that you don't know where to start, and that suggests to me that you've never had a resume and/or job experience. That really shouts HELP! and the best type of person to help you would be someone who can talk with you one-on-one and face to face to assess what kind of world experience you have had and what qualities you have, that would better your chances at landing a job.

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If you desire to see resumes that landed jobs, check out: 2012 Tips: Perfecting Nursing Resume, Cover Letter + Online Nursing Job Applications

I've listed under resume section many links for sample resumes. University of Pennsylvania's Career Services has many high caliber resume samples for both new grads and advanced practice nurse graduates.

Your resume needs to be individually crafted, not just cut and pasted from someone else's.

Remember ANYTHING one posts online, especially at a site like AN which is heavily indexed by search engines, is instantaneously viewable to the whole world to see and recirculate, NOT a good idea.

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Also, the format and organization of a resume can do a lot to increase the professional appearance and attractiveness. On AN, it's nearly impossible to show correct formatting when copying and pasting.

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I just want to add that there are several resume templates that I have used on both Microsoft Word and Pages (Apple) that can be customized for a more professional appearance. I also submit my resume as a .pdf file, so that it is viewed as a nice, clean document, without the editing options that appear when saved as a Word document.

Thanks so much guys.. although i wish one was posted on here ill check out microsoft word...

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Do I have "the guts" to? Yes. Will I? No. Why? Because I'd have to do so much editing and changing to it to maintain my anonymity that by the time I'm done, it will barely look like my resume and be, essentially, meaningless. I suggest you take advantage of the services your school offers... my school had a Career Center and they proofread/edited my resume.

thanks the sentence was supposed to be an attention getter... don't put your resume on here.. i know too much editing is a hassle

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