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Do you feel non covid patients are getting good care?


Through this pandemic I have been concerned about non covid patients. Perhaps because I work in diagnostics.

My close family member has a multi colored lesion on his chest wall. Appt has been rescheduled x 2. Last Friday pcp cancelled appt for a second time.

I tried to get hold of a cardiologist office for lab work and script without success. Called Patient whom has had the same problem.

Are Dr offices open your area?

My pcp is taking urgent cases via teleconference.


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My husband and I have been very lucky. He's had a breaking decahing tooth and was able to get in right away for antibiotics. They almost rerouted him to urgent care (due to low grade temp x1 month) but the doctor agreed to see him abd prescribe abt. He's getting the tooth pulled next week. But he did put it off for so long due to not wanting to expose himself in a Dr office.

I got right in to the same doctor to start to get stabilized on antidepressants and to check my hormones. I also was able to resume appointments with my psychologist via computer.

We are very lucky right now. I know its not that easy for others.

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Our doctor has video or telephone appointments. He ordered labs for my husband. He or another physician is on call 24/7 for questions. I got an email from the dermatologist offering a video appointment. About half of my yearly checks she freezes small skin cancers. I've had three removed surgically. I doubt a video visit would be enough, so I plan to wait.

We are thankful to have a conscientious kind doctor.

That’s great! I have heard dentist and mental health has been very responsive.

Nevermind my post. I think I’m just hypersensitive. I have a close family member who is now 21 y/o. 1/2019 diagnosed w/ cancer and removed. Reoccurred 10/2019 chemo tx October to December.

Thyroid modules found 3/2020. Heard some testing would be cancelled. Rushed and got test done.

Fortunately thyroid bx are starting to be implemented again now. Screening someone saying hx thyroid cancer Years ago but new nodule. Hearing her relief thyroid bx cancelled 3/2020 can now happen May.

I guess I can relate and am very sensitive about cancer and such😀


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I fear the elderly & people without smart phones are surely suffering.
Maybe we should be making Housecalls on them?