Do you feel bothered by new training CNAs?

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This is my 2nd week of training as a NA at a big hospital. I can do a lot of things, but I'm still learning and I learn something new every day. The floor I'm training on has 3 nursing assistants, each one is assigned to a section of the floor. I was assigned to shadow one of them. I understand that I need to answer call bells when one of them is on break, but I'm busy answering lights on my section or helping a patient out. The other NA seem to just be talking or chit-chatting with one another. I end up going to the other sections, answering lights, and telling more nurses about the patient's concerns and problems. Some of them don't even respond to what I say or seem very annoyed. I just tell them anyway because I don't want to get into trouble. But is there a fine line as to the things I should tell or not? I tell high blood pressures, patients who are in pain or want meds, blood sugars, etc. Why is it that they don't seem to care as to what I say, but when it comes to the other NA on their floor, they respond????

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Try not to take it personally -- it takes time to get to know people.

And personally, I'm thrilled when I see new CNA orientees. :)

It takes time for the staff to get to know you and trust what you report.

As for them seeming annoyed, they may be very busy and thinking, "oh crap, let me add that to a hundred other things I have to worry about".

It's not personal!

It's probably just the nurse taking it in and thinking about where your info fits in the long list of priorities.

No good nurse just brushes off what anyone reports to them.

Keep reporting and if they don't seem receptive, then so be it.

You did your job and now it's up to them as to what to do with your report.

Is there a fine line?

Not really.

Nothing is black and white.

Even a gut feeling that "something" is wrong is enough to report.

As for training CNA's... I love it.

I still train CNA's as an RN and look foward to doing so.

And you know what?

If you are answering call-lights because another aide is chit-chatting... well so be it!

They are only making themselves look bad.

Even though you may not hear about it, I'm positive your nurses are keenly aware of this and know who is doing all the work ;)

I know I do.


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I love new CNAs. Reason being: new CNAs are scared and insecure and tend to go above and beyond. New CNAs are very critical of themselves (unfortunately, as you shouldn't be), but because of this they truly strive to 'do everything right' and do a great job in the process. I have seen some new CNAs who weren't cut out, typically those who falsify vital signs or sign off stuff they haven't done (I don't understand this... if you didn't do it, just let the nurse know), these CNAs really boil my blood.

As CNAs gain experience, sometimes they get comfortable in the position and tend to become more routine. Not saying that they do a worse job, but I certainly see more flair with new CNAs. Just a personal opinion, don't flame me for it.

As far as when to approach the RN - if you feel anything is wrong or out of place, just bring it to the nurse. Who cares if they are annoyed? This is thier job, to assess - don't feel bad or stupid for bringing information to the RN. Also, don't take it personally. Maybe the RN is stressed out. Maybe you are the third person to tell them in that minute. Maybe they are frustrated at the fact that they don't know what to do in the situation. It is almost never you that they are annoyed with, trust me on this.

If you don't know why it is not important or less important to the nurse, ask them. I love teaching CNAs why a finding is expected or what the plan of care is. Many nurses love to teach. If they don't, come to allnurses to ask ;)

Sounds like you are doing your job well, don't let work get you down.

Sometimes when I'm busy I may appear to brush things off or seem annoyed when a CNA tells me something. Really, I'm more likely overwhelmed and stressed and am just adding it to my list of things I am already behind on. Don't take it personally- it rarely is. The older CNA's prolly just know the nurse's personalities or have a longer standing rapport. Congrats on the new assignment :-)

Well coming from an ICU nurse who has no LPN's or CNA's on my unit to help at all, I would value your assistance and heads up when given. I don't even know what it would be like to have an assistant who monitored vital signs or emptied urinals for me. I think these floor nurses forget the asset they have with CNA's around to help and "keep a watch out". Don't get disheartened and know that your help is valued by most.

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I had this same complaint when I was a nurse extern still in school (our hospital used us as unlicensed patient care assistants). I hated when nurses would respond snottily to something you were relaying from the patient. Once I told the nurse a patient was having chest pain and she snapped "Well that's because she's got herself all worked up again." I honestly didn't know whether she was going to go check the lady out or not! So I just wrote a note in the chart that I notified the nurse of this. Yes, the patient had herself all worked up again. But I'm the assistant so it's my responsibility to pass it on whether the nurse liked to hear it or not.

And yes it seems like the nurse is snapping, rolling her eyes, huffing etc. at you. Now that I'm a nurse I find myself doing the same thing. I try to catch myself and just tell the aide what I'm going to do about it and move on. But I promise, it's not you, it's just the nurse being frustrated by "one more thing" to deal with, and/or the perception of a silly complaint by a patient that they've heard 50 times from the patient already. Just don't forget that you HAVE to pass these things on to the nurse regardless of their reaction. Once you get to know these people you can just say "Don't kill the messenger!" That's what I do when I'm charge nurse and I have to pass on some call from lab or a doctor and the other nurses snap at me now lol.

The nurses who roll their eyes or seem annoyed when told something obviously have poor self control. When I'm told of a resident's complaint that I know is pure BS or one I've heard a billion times, of course I'm inwardly rolling my eyes. Outwardly I just say "okay, thanks.". And once you get some experience as a CNA on this floor you'll know the RNs' personalities better. You'll know who's a bi*** to be ignored and who's cool and you can joke around with.

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