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Hello everyone. I am researching post-masters DNP programs and noticed that Frontier offers an option where your place of employment can be counted toward your clinical hours. I am just wondering if all of the DNP programs allow this or is this just an option for certain schools? I would think that if you are already working as an advanced practice nurse that doing additional clinical hours outside of that would be unnecessary. Anyone else currently in a DNP program that allows this?

The University of San Francisco encourages it but recognizes that not every environment is appropriate so they also assist finding placements outside of ones employment

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I am just wrapping up my DNP at the University of Alabama. They have an excellent program that can be completed in one year full time or two plus years part time. A portion of my clinical hours were done at work, but that was because my scholarly project was connected with my place of employment. If I had chosen something outside of that, my work hours would not have counted. Even as it was, not all of my work hours counted. Only the days when I collected data were counted. I even came in on some of my off days. So yes, it is possible, but I would check with someone at the programs you are considering.

How did u like Alabama's program? I am completing the Adult/Gero program next semester and am looking for a DNP program. I'm not overly happy with the program but it was my alma mater. Not much teaching from the faculty. I'm looking at Frontier. Thoughts?

We allow people to complete their DNP practica at their employment site, but not to use their work time as clinical time. So you cannot get paid for the same experiences for which you are earning academic credit.

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Hmm. I've wondered why some DNP programs require "clinical hours" when there is no clinical focus or training.

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